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By John A. Barry

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About this blog: I am the creator of trAction Painting, a process/performance genre in which paint is applied to large surfaces with bicycles, roller skates, and other wheeled conveyances. I have produced works on canvas, plywood, particle board, ...  (More)

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Wrapping Up
Jul 24, 2015 7:56 pm
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The last day of camp, and the kids get to see their work behind the work. Once they have pulled off all the tape, they see the geometric figures they... More
Day 3: Wheelism
Jul 22, 2015 8:45 pm
Comments: 0 | Views: 143

Multivalent painting: the kids get all kinds of wheels spinning: scooters, skates, bike, toy cars and trucks, bike wheel on axle, wheel on rollers.... More
Day 2: Geometry
Jul 21, 2015 10:55 pm
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Too difficult to draw figures on the painted canvas. So instead ten teams each draws a geometric figure on an 18 x 24 sheet of paper and cuts it out... More
Day 1: Primary School
Jul 20, 2015 8:02 pm
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As in colors. Day 1 of our second annual trAction Painting camp, in Pittsburg, CA.
Twenty or so kids, ranging in age from really young to less young,... More
Prologue and Postscript
Jul 18, 2015 8:51 am
Comments: 1 | Views: 220

==I Last summer I chronicled in this blog the first proof-of-concept of using trAction Painting as a foundational element for an integrated curriculum, at a four-day... More
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Day 3: Wheelism
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