Diane Louise Churka
Feb. 23, 1944-April 17, 2012
Pleasanton, California

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Diane Churka, 68, enhanced downtown Pleasanton with her flowers, trees, and plants for the last 23 years at the SP Depot on Neal Street, and the Coffee Roast Express building at 780 Main Street. Born at home in Riverside Calif on Feb. 23, 1944 and died at home in Pleasanton, Calif. on April 17, 2012. Graduated from Highland School of Nursing in Oakland, designed and built the Coffee Roast Express business in three locations in downtown Pleasanton. She loved classical music, gardening, alpine skiing, the theater, designing and building interiors for home and business, and traveling on back roads throughout the USA. She is survived by her husband Edward Churka, daughter Alicia Lutz, son Mark Churka, two grandchildren, and one great granddaughter.

Tags: arts/media, business, public service

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