Lasting Memories

Elizabeth Anna Kopp
Dec. 20, 1925-Sept. 30, 2013
San Jose, California

Elizabeth (Betty) was a long-time resident of Pleasanton until recently moving to San Jose. She is survived by daughter Deborah (Morris), son Dennis (Patty), grandchildren Aaron (Heather), Daniel (Jasmine), Suzanne (Alfredo), Jonathan, Christopher, Rosie and Katherine (Franklin) as well as great grandchildren Roman, Isabella, Lilah, Loralai and Luci. Predeceased by Edwin Daniel (husband), David Daniel (son) and Milo Kopp (husband). Betty will be remembered as being a strong, loving, kind woman who was always ready to help family and friends. She was a long-time volunteer with Hope Hospice and The Valley Care Hospital Auxiliary and a member of the Pleasanton Presbyterian Church.

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