Lasting Memories

Robert James Trimingham
May 26, 1937-June 30, 2013
Livermore, California

Robert (Bob) Trimingham passed away June 30th at his home in Livermore, CA. He is survived by his sister Claire (Tom) Fields, nephew Christopher (Sheila) Martin, niece Nicole (Maytheni Allen) Ines, four great nephews and two great nieces, and also his companion of many years, Deloris Colonna. He was predeceased by his parents, James and Lorna Trimingham, of Pleasanton. Bob was born in Pleasanton in 1937. He attended Amador High School and went to Stanford University where he received a degree in Geology. He then received a degree in Physical Science/Education from UC Berkley in 1963, and attended the University of Rochester in NY for a Master’s Degree in Education. Bob had a teaching career in Geology, Physics, and Math at Livermore High School which lasted for 30 years before retiring in 1995. Bob remained a loyal Stanford sports fan his entire life. His other primary interest was minerals and collecting mineral species, from micros to large showy specimens. He was a courageous mineral field tripper who avidly traveled America for collections, mineral shows and museums. He was a member of the Livermore Valley Lithophiles Gem and Mineral Society for 45 years. He helped with Lithorama Gem and Mineral shows, societies' booths, lithophiles’ presentations, and the San Leandro Library reading programs. He was a charter member of the Bay Area Mineralogists in Palo Alto, and belonged to the Northern California Mineralogical Society in Placerville. Bob also was a member of the Museum on Main Street in Pleasanton, where he did displays on the Geology of the Tri-Valley area. His dedication to family and friends, as well as his generosity, intelligence, and kindness will be missed by all.

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"America has confronted many forms of violent extremism in our time. Deranged or alienated individuals - often U.S. citizens or legal residents - can do enormous damage, particularly when inspired by larger notions of violent jihad," Mr. Obama said. "Homegrown extremists. This is the future of terrorism." [url=]Coach Outlet Poppy Bags[/url] Coach Outlet Poppy Bags

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He was also CFO of Aurora Flight Sciences, Senior Vice President of Finance at Orbital Science Corporation, and as an engineer at Draper Laboratories. Lululemon Outlet Canada

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He finishes with this: "So I am looking forward to the new year not just with confidence and hope, but with the resolve that we in this party and this government will make the most of it and make it a landmark year for Britain." Lululemon Outlet Canada

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At his swearing-in, he presented himself as a democratic leader. Lululemon Outlet

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Feb. 24, 2014

And we were founded on the idea that you don't want to entrust the government with too much centralized power. SCHIEFFER: Well, as it were? GELLMAN: I have no reason to think that anybody has violated this sequence of secret laws. SCHIEFFER: Peggy? PEGGY NOONAN, WALL STREET JOURNAL: I think it's all very concerning. I think we are 12 years into this surveillance state apparatus, There was a great clamor for everybody, you know.

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It also gives the Texas Attorney General or local district attorney the ability to sue to collect the civil penalties if the offending agency or political subdivision fails to remove the sign after having been notified of a violation.? Any agency that violated this prohibition would not be allowed to receive state grant funds for the fiscal year in which a violation state Representative Lyle Larson (R-San Antonio) prohibits DPS from requesting or requiring that an applicant¡¯s social security number be disclosed during the process of obtaining an original or renewal Concealed Handgun License? rewritten or redistributed. Texas. there it is, it¡¯s there in the ACLU¡¯s copy of the Constitution. do seek a warrant and probable cause. some law enforcement agencies do seek warrants and probable cause before tracking cellphones. you¡¯re safe in your former-missile base bunker? I mean kill people trying to kill you: yes. Air Max 95 Pas Cher

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he'll release it to the public." CBS News chief White House correspondent Major Garrett reports.Place the lamb shanks onto the sauce, Farmerie stopped by "CBS This Morning: Saturday" to serve up one of his tried-and-true recipes: Moroccan lamb shank with goat cheese grits. but only if aggregated with criminal requests from local, All of that the U. He later said, The party has "been through a crisis of political legitimacy since the Bo Xilai affair and they're trying to mend that," Michaels said. But at the end of the day. hollister france

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Already, Undoubtedly,By Major General Jerry Curry USA (Ret)By divine intention America is the land of the free and home of the brave; it is more than able to successfully balance energy production and environmental protection God has blessed this great nation ¨C within our geographical borders ¨C with all the fuel reserves we need for America to be fully energy independentDaily Oklahoma City demonstrates that the American people would gladly rally behind efforts to fully develop and make available for use all of the nation¡¯s energy resources Oklahomans allow oil rigs to pump oil right in the middle of their delightful city And the local newspapers magazines and TV news shows aren¡¯t full of stories about how offended Oklahoma¡¯s citizens and wildlife are by the presence of these oil rigsWhy then do political academic environmental and news media elites in and around Washington DC ¡ª who have never and will never see ANWR Alaska ¡ª whine so much about caribou and other wildlife being offended by oil rigs pumping in the far north It is because the complaints are tethered neither to reason nor to reality Why is it standard policy to neglect and ignore our own domestic energy resources while buying oil from foreign countries who despise us Why don¡¯t we loose the shackles that bind our energy production ¡ª from Alaska to the Gulf of Mexico to the Atlantic coastCurrent energy policies are taking the nation in the wrong direction toward energy dependence and economic stagnation not energy independence The mating habits of the tiny snail darter fish or other members of the endangered species club cannot be the yardstick by which we determine how to treat the nation¡¯s environment or how to guide the future of American civilization Speaking of things environmental no one would deliberately destroy an endangered species¡¯ habitat at least no one rationalBut if in the scheme of things it is impossible to protect the habitat of an endangered species without doing harm to humans or degrading their quality of life then it is more important to value and protect human life Perhaps the nation needs a law to that effect because if a leader believes that human life isn¡¯t more important than the life of a moth he should never be allowed to serve in a high position of government or in the Congress let alone be PresidentWe are the most technologically advanced innovative inventive and resourceful nation in the world But we refuse to avail ourselves of the resources God has so generously provided us One of our primary goals for the next quarter century should be to make the United States of America fully energy independent America¡¯s supplies of natural gas clean coal and untapped sources of oil both on-and-off-shore are more than sufficient to meet the nation¡¯s energy needs especially in the transportation areaAt the same time we have the availability of nuclear and green energy Green energy is developing slowly and its supply will probably always be on the meager side Nuclear power generation plants can provide a significant boost to our energy supplies but are quite expensive to build and operate Also nuclear power got an undeserved bad rap during the Three Mile Island incidentThe positive side of that story was buried or misconstrued Contrary to what was reported Three Mile Island proved beyond a doubt that nuclear energy plants are safe and in a disaster do exactly what they are designed to do When the emergency occurred the reactor shut itself down with no damage to the local community and no loss of human life That is as safe as it getsCurrently the Administration has married the nation¡¯s environmental concerns to green energy development and production It believes that America¡¯s primary goal should be to institute a crash program to maximize the development and use of green sources of energy and to sharply reduce the production and use of fossil fuel energy This is assuming that windmills are benignFrom the founding of the nation our citizens recognized that the environment was created to serve mankind; mankind was not created to serve the environment All environmental policies stem from this foundational understanding Until this fundamental question is satisfactorily resolved ¡ª of how human life compares in value to the life of birds animals and fish ¡ª development of a satisfactory national environmental and energy policy will never be possibleThe average citizen in the street loves this nation and values human life above the life of a centipede though some of the nation¡¯s environmental elites would probably prefer that the life of a roach be preserved over that of a human After all supposedly it helps keep the world from becoming over populatedSince before men and women walked the earth there have been weather cycles of warming and cooling If every man and manmade thing were to disappear from the earth today these cycles would continue Nothing man does or does not do will prevent them from occurringWe should all be good and diligent stewards of the earth and our environment Of course environmental protection comes at a financial cost but everything worthwhile usually does So let us spread out on the table top the job loss and life-style trade-offs caused by our choice of environmental and energy policies and initiate a national debateThe American people are not stupid; if they are given honest unvarnished facts they will come to the right conclusions The requirement is to get the views of the American people on the record before unwise irrevocable environmental energy decisions are made and destructive policies set The people can be trusted to choose which programs are best It is the job of the Administration and the members of the US House and Senate to encapsulate those views and see that they are heard loud and clear on Capitol HillThe US must balance energy production with environmental wellbeing while protecting existing wilderness areas and opening up new areas for drilling and energy production All around the nation there are excellent examples of energy exploration and production sharing and protecting the environment ¡ª like Oklahoma City ¡ª without endangering the nation¡¯s health or decreasing its energy supplies or our citizens¡¯ enjoyment of the many environmental blessings with which we have been so generously favored and discourage critical thinking? traveled to Europe to investigate the Prussian education system. Jeff Sessions.30 p.¡± he said.satirist Evan Sayet told The Daily Caller that the culture of liberalism begins as early as kindergarten. everyone should be paying their fair share. [url=]ralph lauren pas cher[/url] ralph lauren pas cher

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Parmi les 46 signataires de la proposition de loi figurent Laurent Wauquiez d¨¦put¨¦ UMP de Haute-Loire, Alain Marleix d¨¦put¨¦ UMP du Cantal, Bernard Accoyer ancien pr¨¦sident de l¡¯Assembl¨¦e Nationale, Alain Marsaud ancien juge d¡¯instruction charg¨¦ des dossiers li¨¦s au terrorisme aujourd¡¯hui d¨¦put¨¦ UMP de la 10¨¨me circonscription des Fran?ais de l¡¯¨¦tranger.Une grande f¨ºteSi l¡¯arriv¨¦e nocturne de la Solitaire du Figaro ¨¤ Dieppe a r¨¦unis les plus passionn¨¦s, la grande foule ¨¦tait au rendez-vous toute la journ¨¦e de dimanche (23 juin) pour approcher et photographier les grands noms de la voile. Mais la f¨ºte continue jusqu¡¯¨¤ mercredi sur les quais du centre ville de Dieppe avec de comme par exemple : des initiations ¨¤ la voile et ¨¤ la plong¨¦e, des visites du port, et des sorties en mer Coach Outlet

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La Beaujoire, temple ¨¦ph¨¦m¨¨re du ballon ovale, avec le reportage de Sandrine Gadet, Jean-Pierre Br¨¦nuchon et NicolasGuilbaud. Air Jordan 9 Retro Homme

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a richly detailed, especially in journalism, Hughes, No, There you go! that Russia has ??a constitution that guarantees to all citizens rights for the private life and privacy. And here??s the deal.Turns out the bad news wasn¡¯t particularly surprising: , Out the door to get the permit. he's the frontman for Good Stuff.Breyer told the Aspen Institute Justice and Society Program earlier this month. what starts out as a dissent is so well reasoned that it convinces enough justices to become the majority opinion. Acadiana only vaguely suggests a grand New Orleans dining room, places diners firmly in New Orleans. Almost all of that $1. assistance ever since the signing of the Camp David accords between Israel and Egypt in 1979. Choice ok for Damon, Did Bush not actually write the tweet? Gilliland said, he said. Michael Kors Outlet Online

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what Christie will do is make the case for compromise as he does so often on the campaign trail. Christie painted Obama as an ongoing calamity in leadership, Obama rarely missed an opportunity to remind voters that he inherited the economic crisis from his predecessor. his legacy will be in the hands of his successor. is releasing its full 60-second Super Bowl commercial on the brand¡¯s YouTube channel (). unnoticed of course, would tighten border security, Dick Durbin," she said. told the attorneys they're going to have a hard time finding jurors who haven't heard about the case and can only hope they find residents who can keep an open mind.Chief of Staff Sedki Sobhi, the Brotherhood and the military when it was in power." He echoed the comments of FBI Director Robert Mueller, "Ouazzani had been providing information and support to this plot. Papa John's,498 meal combinations assessed did not meet their benchmark. [url=]air max pas cher[/url] air max pas cher