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EBMUD: arbitrary allocation methods & penalties

Original post made by Community courtesy, another community, on Jun 5, 2009

A message to our region's neighbors from EBMUD:

"Thank you for your efforts in conserving water. I know how difficult it is, especially in hotter climate. If your circumstances have changed – more people in the home etc - you can file for an exemption and your allotment can be increased. If you are removing lawns etc you should first talk to Water Conservation to see if you qualify for turf replacement or other rebate programs.

Community Affairs
East Bay Municipal Utility District"

THE ISSUE: For those that have conserved water during the past years, EBMUD penalizes their conservation by reducing the allocation base for rates as a result of customer conservation. The result is a higher cost for water for those that have done the most to conserve.

Be sure to review your water bills for this very unfair practice!

Hal, as a community courtesy
Iron Horse corridor neighborhoods


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