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By Roz Rogoff

Dog Needs Home

Uploaded: May 11, 2009

I received this email from a reader of the Observer:

Hi Roz,

I just went to your webpage so that I can send you the message about this dog and found that you're changing things. I wish you the best on this new venture.

Are you still showing animals on your webpage? Do you think you'll still have traffic?

I'm wondering if you are able to help this dog. The person who found her and is helping her cannot keep her much longer (in Ceres, near Modesto). She's not part of a rescue group. Please let me know if you can help get the word out about this dog. Description is below.

It's thought she may be part Border Collie. She was abandoned outside a vet's in the middle of the night by people (jerks) who moved from their house, also in the middle of the night.

The dog has been examined by a vet, has rabies shot, etc, has a microchip and is spayed. She weighs 99 pounds. She's a good, calm dog who would really brighten up in a new home. Please spread the word. Do you know anyone who could get the word out?


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