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By Elizabeth LaScala

What to Bring to College Next Fall

Uploaded: Jul 24, 2012

What do you bring to college? Most parents of seniors know a great deal about the work and stress of college admissions: visiting schools, taking standardized tests, filling out applications and financial aid forms, and waiting, and waiting, and waiting for those acceptance letters to arrive.

But now that you have helped your senior get into college without becoming a helicopter parent, and hopefully, without losing your sanity, here is how to get your son or daughter ready for the freshman year at college without going broke because you purchase more stuff or the wrong stuff.

The following lists are my personal favorites because they do not come from a particular store or company:

1. Residence Hall Packing List

2. Personal Needs Packing List


3. School Supplies Packing List

And remember that it's always a great idea to use hand-me-downs or used items that still have value.

Happy shopping and good luck!

Elizabeth LaScala Ph.D. guides college, transfer and graduate school applicants through the complex world of admissions. She develops best match college lists, offers personalized interview and essay coaching, and tools and strategies to help students tackle each step of the admissions process with confidence and success. Elizabeth helps students from all backgrounds to maximize merit and financial aid awards. Visit www.doingcollege.com; Call (925) 891-4491 or email at [email protected]


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