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By Tom Cushing

Ballot Follies, and the great Candidate Challenge

Uploaded: Apr 18, 2015

Hark! For I have received my mail-in ballot for the Extra-special State Senate run-off election of May 19th. It is not to be confused with the Super Duper Measure A education tax election of May 5th.
This is because why would you hold just one odd-scheduled election in which nobody votes, when instead you can conduct two?

Otherwise, we might have to settle for a system in which the Governor appoints officials to state elective office to serve out unexpired terms, and all ballot measures are voted-on only in general elections ? and what fun is that?

Anyway, the State Senate balloting pits two registered Democrats against each other. In my neighborhood, that means that each is striving mightily to act as little like a Democrat as humanly possible. Mr. Glazer's popular (around here) opposition to BART strikes has been well-documented, and yesterday I received a glossy flyer from Ms. Bonilla that bragged about how she'd defied those "liberal judges" in doing something-or-other.

And no, I don't know what she did, because I didn't read it. Do you hear that, candidates? I hereby commit myself to Not reading any of the crapola you send me through the mails. None of it -- nada. This series of elections has already destroyed more forest than the Yosemite Rim Fire of a few years ago. Most of it has been breathless distortion, unworthy of serious attention. Please stop it.

In fact, I will go that commitment one better. I hereby pledge my vote in the great, Extra-special State Senate Run-off of 2015 to the candidate who ? between now and election day -- sends me FEWER mailings that are either pro-candidate or anti-opponent. I do not care whether they come from the campaigns directly or their formally, legally, yeah-right unaffiliated PACs ? both species go right into the recycling piles. You may email me, facebook me, or even call me (although, yuck), but don't send me any more postal nonsense, lest you drive me to your opponent.

My current tally has Ms. Bonilla ahead '3' to Mr. Glazer's '8' since the run-off campaigns commenced. Who's with me?