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By Roz Rogoff

Is Donald Trump the new Hitler?

Uploaded: Mar 15, 2016

I was on a website a few weeks ago where one of the posters compared Donald Trump to Hitler. I objected and said that was offensive and untrue. Now I'm beginning to see similarities, mostly in the messages he is giving to his supporters. This blog will offend a lot of Trump supporters. It should.

Donald Trump is not evil like Hitler, but he is going down the same path of divisiveness and demagoguery. Trump's message is very similar to what brought Hitler to power in Germany in the 1930's. Just as Hitler told his followers he would bring back the glory of Germany, Trump tells his followers "I will make America great again."

What does that mean? Has the United States lost its status in the rest of the World? No, the USA is still looked to by Europe, Asia, and Central and South America as the most powerful country in the World.

So what does "Make America Great Again," mean to Trump's supporters? It means bringing back good jobs for White people, especially White men. They want their "White Privilege" back. They want "White lives to matter" more than anyone else's, just like they did in the good old days of segregation and stay-at-home wives.

Men in particular have fragile egos and need the kind of ego boost Trump's messages imply. "You are better than those other guys and women,"

After all Trump imports beauty queens from Europe and dumps outdated wives with ease. He even boasts about how big his you-know-what is. Trump is a man's man and many men and even some women find this very attractive.

My comparison to Hitler does not mean that Trump is anti-Jewish. Quite the contrary, he has many Jews working for him like all of those "Short guys who wear yarmulkes every day" counting his money. His daughter married an Orthodox Jew and converted; so his grandchildren are being raised Jewish too.

Trump is definitely NOT anti-Jewish, but he is anti-other groups and this appeals to many people who feel their status has been diminished by equal opportunity and political correctness.

Political Correctness simply means not being overtly hostile to other people based on race or religion. Trump encourages political incorrectness, like beating up protesters at his rallies.

Maybe Donald should read the First Amendment if he wants to be President, and not tell his supporters to "Punch them in the face." A President should know the Bill of Rights.

President Trump would be a disaster for America. Not because he would do terrible things or even be a bad President, but because he attracts the wrong kind of people who would only be encouraged to wear a hood and dance around a burning cross. Give it up Donald. Do not do this! America does not need to be returned to that kind of "greatness."