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By Tom Cushing

A message for all ...

Uploaded: Dec 25, 2019

I saw "The Electric Horseman" recently (enjoyed it!). I was reminded of this gorgeous cut
Hand's on the Wheel from Willie Nelson's magnificent Red Headed Stranger album (from a-way back in sebbendy-fahve I b'lieve - offa my lawn!). A little research revealed that he didn't write this one - but the poetry's such that he might have if Will Callery hadn't beat him to it.

I love the message, especially during this Season of loved ones and remembrance. However you may celebrate it, I hope you will!

At a time when the world seems to be spinnin' hopelessly out of control,
There's deceivers an' believers an' old in-betweeners,
That seem to have no place to go.
Well, it's the same old song, it's right an' it's wrong,
An' livin' is just somethin' that I do.
An' with no place to hide, I looked in your eyes,
An' I found myself in you. ...

Now my hand's on the wheel, I've something that's real,
An' I feel like I'm goin' home.

... and to all, a Good Night.