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Post Random Acts of Kindness

Uploaded: Mar 19, 2020

A crisis of this magnitude can bring out the worst in people.

If you have been in a grocery store recently you might have witnessed individuals grabbing every last item on a shelf (toilet paper, ramen noodles, frozen pizzas) with absolutely no regard for others. Some shoppers or brazen enough to take things out of others’ carts while they weren’t looking.

There is currently a scam in which callers claiming to be with the CDC telling people they can reserve a coronavirus vaccine for them but need a credit card number and / or Social Security number.

It makes a depressing situation even more depressing.

So let’s turn the tables and shine a little light on how a crisis of this magnitude can bring out the best in people.

Please help me by posting random acts of kindness you have witnessed, have done or are willing to do.

I will start...

Former District 16 Assemblymember Catharine Baker left notes for neighbors she believed are over 65 or have other special risks or needs, asking them to contact her if they needed any help. “So eager to help them and do more. Keep the info coming,” She wrote on Twitter when she shared the note so others might do the same.

Who’s next?