Congratulations, Class of '07

Surviving high school: Pressures, partying, parents - and living to tell the tale

It's a jungle in there. Inside the walls of Danville high schools, it can be treacherous territory - in academic and in social circles.

Not literally, of course. Most students don't feel unsafe in class, experience direct pressure to do drugs, or even face a risk of dropping out. But on the road to graduation, Danville high school students have had to survive different, very real stresses and burdens, five graduates tell the Danville Weekly.

Here, where most kids grow up knowing they have every opportunity in the world to succeed, an intense and sometimes cut-throat drive to achieve is born. On a four-year journey to adulthood, this sometimes paralyzing pressure to both stand out from the crowd and fit in, is just part of what graduates say they had to overcome.

"Everyone has had their breakdowns," says Kelsey Foltz, who attended San Ramon Valley High School, played soccer, and is on her way to UC Santa Barbara. Some weeks were draining mentally and others, emotionally, she says.

This evening, graduates will don caps and gowns, accept their diplomas and take their plunge into a world bigger than this town.

Parents will smile and cry and feel proud. Some students will say "good riddance" and others will say "good memories." But first they give the Danville Weekly the scoop on just what they've had to endure in the last four years.


Goals are set high, schedules are overloaded and college - now more selective than ever - is not an option for these teens, it's an expectation. But what do you do when everyone around you is excelling? Where do you find your own sense of identity? And how do you stay afloat in a sea of overachievement?

"Some people think everyone is so high-achieving, why should I even try?" Kelsey says, explaining that students push and compete with each other in the classroom.

The grads explain a competitive feeling to keep up - to go, do, and win.

"My college application was stressful with all the deadlines," says Will Skrip, graduating from Monte Vista High. "I've been real busy."

Additionally, parents play a substantial role in influencing their children to perform well.

"There is a lot of parental pressure," says Sam Kikes, from San Ramon Valley High. Although he adds that he can't speak for everyone.

Getting through demanding classes is easier, grads say, if you know one thing: The key is to have a passion, an outlet for escape.

"Get involved in something - anything outside of school - it helps," Kelsey advocates.

To some extent, this strong academic drive, partly self-induced, partly bred by a well-to-do suburban atmosphere, is healthy, the group agrees.

For example, being in advanced level classes - the ones taken out of interest, not obligation - gave Chloe Marx, who attended both San Ramon Valley High and Venture School, more than just a headache. They gave her an opportunity to explore ideas with peers and to get away from trite high school banter, she says.

"It's not just gossip you're talking about, it's real issues and real things," she says.

Others excelled in these academic environments and found that challenges actually make them perform better.

"The pressures come from our own competitive nature," Sam says.

"I'm naturally quite a competitive person," Alexa Egeck, a Monte Vista grad, agrees with a smile. Alexa has excelled in English and has been dancing competitively on teams and in classes since she was 3 years old.

For her, balancing a social life with school was the real challenge.

Chloe, who will attend San Diego State University in the fall, agrees.

"There were distractions," she says. "I had to get my priorities in line."


Books and pencils aside, the insecurities, experimentation and desire for acceptance that typify the high school years are inward hurtles students have to jump.

Fitting in. Toying with drugs and alcohol. Understanding the opposite sex. Getting to know oneself. These were some of factors that made high school social circles complicated, the grads say. Also, some of them note the line between academics and socialization is blurry, and most students want to succeed in both.

"For me, I had to find a nitch. I realized the group I was with wasn't who I wanted to be in high school. I got injured, I was depressed and it affected my academic life," Kelsey says of one of her dark points in high school.

"Freshman year is testing the waters," Sam says, adding that there are feelings of awkwardness and self-consciousness within new high school students.

"It's a self-confidence thing," he says. "A lot of (the early issues) are from being wound up tight in middle school."

With everyone changing rapidly in these formative years, maintaining friendships was a difficult task as well as fitting into groups. But it was also a saving grace, Alexa says.

Finding a couple of real friends is the best thing you can do for yourself socially, she says. Having even one true friend is invaluable.

"Have someone that's not in your group that you can still count on, someone who won't judge you," Alexa explains.

Among girls, backstabbing, trash talking and competition for attention from boys can be nasty, the female graduates say.

"When it comes down to it, boys can be a major factor - wanting their attention," Kelsey says.

However, being "popular" isn't much of an issue, they agree.

"That doesn't really exist," Sam says. "(Different) groups are pretty much accepted."

While students don't feel like drugs are pushed onto them, they say they are everywhere.

"Coming drunk to school - it was a fad," Kelsey remembers.

"There are kids who smoke weed so much they skip every other period to get stoned... . Adderall has gotten big, too, their parents give it to them and they sell it at school," Chloe chimes in.

Drugs like ecstasy and prescription pills have also gotten much more popular since freshman year, they point out.

"It's about extremes," Chloe says.

Pills and booze are at parties, but most kids dabble in some drinking and then the novelty of getting drunk wears off, they say.

"The pressures are there if you are trying to fit into a group that does that," Chloe says, adding that most of the pressure is internal.

Along with drugs, students experienced infatuation and rejection from the opposite sex, and losing friends to girlfriends or boyfriends.

"Freshman year all the girls started hanging out with older boys," Chloe says, and this was a time when middle school friendships had to be reevaluated.

The grads also commented on the term "hooking-up," an ambiguous description they use to explain anything from kissing to sex.

"You hear about people hooking up and you never really know what they mean," Kelsey says.


Adolescent issues are timeless, but what sets these graduates apart from the high school struggle their parents endured?

Technology is everywhere, for one. It's easier to communicate and this immediate gratification, along with an obsession with celebrity culture, wasn't as prevalent 30 or so years ago, grads point out.

"A lot of people around here feel entitled to things and that can make kids crazy sometimes," Chloe explains.

"Celebrities are royalty to us and there's an obsession with money. Everywhere you go, it's about getting rich," Kelsey adds.

High school parties, for example, just aren't the same. These teens can post party invites on MySpace and send out mass text messages, which can travel quickly to teens outside of Danville.

Grads laughed about one night when a cop showed up to a party before it even started, because he read about it on MySpace.

These teens simply have access to more then their parents did. More information, more connections, more media.

"(Parents) say, 'I've been there and you can tell me anything.' And you're kind of like, 'Hmmm, I don't know - that was a while ago,'" Alexa says.

While grads say some Danville teenagers have moms and dads that suffer from "I'm your friend, not your parent" syndrome, looking back they admit their parents really cared. This was the reason for most of their fights, they say.


With hardship, come triumphs. Getting into college, sticking to their dreams and getting to know themselves were these grads' biggest victories, they say.

"Definitely getting into college is my greatest triumph," says Sam, who will be studying acting at Boston University's College of Fine Arts. "Acting is my passion."

"I'm ending high school in a place that I'm comfortable with myself," Alexa says is her biggest triumph.

At this point, social and academic pressures have almost completely been quelled. As this year's seniors move on and next year's freshmen prepare, the grads offer a few words of advice.

"Be your own influence," Chloe says.

"Don't sacrifice what you want for yourself," Kelsey adds.

"It's best to let it go and relax," Will says.

After four years in the jungle, these grads are stronger and smarter for it. Coping with classes, co-existing with parents and finding true friends are not easy tasks.

Even among the thick academic terrain and sometimes brutal social dynamics, the class of 2007 has made it. They have survived high school.


The following students were scheduled to graduate from Monte Vista High School:

Maxwell Elliott Acker-DeOliveira

Omar D. Adina

Ashley Jane Aitchison

Chandler Whitney Albert

Zubana Ali

Emily Wolfe Anciaux

Heather Leigh Andersen

Alisa Kathryn Anderson

Brady Michael Anderson

Weston Louis Anderson

Michelle Allison Angell

Zeeshan Anwar

John Thomas Appel

Michael Hany Assad

Robert Jordan Bachelor

Courtney Monica Peak Ball

Kevin Alexander Ball

Marielle Claire Balogh

Gianna Kalila Banda

Anthony C. Banzet

Lauren Catherine Barbera

Alison O'Neal Barker

Alexa N. Bass

Nolan Douglas Batalha

Samantha Nicole Bautista

Kelly Elizabeth Beccaria

Andrew Michael Beck

Kerry Markus Beeman

Raymond D. Berry

Christopher Andrew Beville

Shyall Bhela

Xiao Bi

Jake Danny Bieber

Kimberly Joyce Bierwith

Natalie Virginia Bierwith

Joseph Bishop-Williams

Justin Bishop-Williams

Lora Jean Bodnar

Kathleen Denise Bonelli

Michael Sinclair Bonelli

Andrew P. Bonin

Cole Patrick Bonner

Alyssa Marie Boragno

Alexander E. Boyd

Mark Andrew Boyden

Kevin Patrick Bradley

Alexander Hollis Brandt

Gretchen Taloma Bringas

Michael Andy Brocious

Jason Charles Brotman

Eric A. Brown

Jacqueline Renee Brown

Joanna Patricia Brown

Meghan Katherine Brown

Sienna Louise Brown

Stephanie Lauren Browne

Ashley Marie Bua

Jennifer Lynn Buich

Keith Norman Carl Bullock

Cody Sinclair Burman

Christian James Cagonot

Paloma Mariella Calhoun

Brittany Ann Cammisa

Ashley Christine Lee Campbell

Andrew Walker Campion

Monica Christina Campo

Georgianni Meredith Cappelletti

Sadie Denise Caitlyn Cardiff

Brandon J. Carroll

Adam Jacob Carty

Noa Tova Caspi

Claire Anne Castiglioni

Aaron James Caton

Douglas Alan Cattarusa

Garrett David Cesca

Neil Chakrabarti

Victor Armando Chang

Evan A. Chapman

Victor Andrés Chávez

Jeffrey Jin Chen

Peter Jeffrey Chiang

Jonathan En Chien

Amanda M. Chimienti

Lisa Courtney Chow

Bailey E. Christensen

Lorissa Kathryn Chun

Adela J. Chung

Joshua SangJun Chung

Alexander Edward Clark

Rebecca N. Clayton

Conor Douglass Coleman

John Patrick Combs

Joey Combs

MacKenzie Ann Conerly

Jennifer Lynn Connell

Jacob A. Cook

Ian Michael Cooke

Daniel Thomas Cooper

Stephanie Ann Cornell

Christina Nicole Corsa

Elizabeth Ann Corvino

Ian Antony Costa

Katja Sophia Coste

Natalie L. Costello

Jacqueline Elisabeth Cowden

Jason C. Cox

Lisa C. Coyle

Andre Fernando Cuadra

Stephen Morgan Cunha

Christine Elise Danner

Alexandra Williams Darby

Jeffrey P. Darst

Samantha Anne Davidson

Alyssa Maria DeAlmeida

David John DeJong

Christopher Robert Delia

Catherine Marie Del Santo

Caitlin Joan Derry

Johanna Christiane Emilie Descoins

Devin Lee DeSilva

Sean Paul DesMarteau

Morgan Dillingham

Melissa Catherine DiNardo

Stephanie Anne Irene Dittemore

Philip Micah L. Dodgen

Sean C. Donaldson

Kyle Joseph Donovan

Danielle N. Dooley

Laura Eileen Dooley

Daniel Michael Dordevic

Russell Clayton Driscoll

Dave Rishi Dubé

Douglas Richard Dunlap

Krishnel Vishal Dutt

Tyler Patrick Ebinger

Max Elliott Ecker

Charles John-Michael Eckman

Maxwell Dean Edson

Brook Matthew Edwards Van Muijen

Alexa Michael Egeck

Nastaran Fatemeh Eghtesad

Kelly Marie Ehlers

Chelsea Olivia Ellis

Sarra Mohamed Elsherbini

Yasmine Mohamed Elsherbini

Nicholas Robert Elya

Monica Nicole Esteban

Liane J. Fang

Sergio James Farias, II

Jacqueline Farkhondehpour

Fauz Farrukh

Elizabeth Ivey Fay

Joshua Nathan Feldman

Andrew Albert Finch

Vanessa Lynn Finuliar

Drew Mason Flack

Alysia Jane Flowers

Samuel K. Flynn

Jacklyn Janette Forsythe

Michelle Lydia Fowler

Daniel MacMaster Fox

Thomas J. Fox

Taylor Ann Franceschi

Alexandra Celeste Franklin

Eva Fredericks

Nicole Michelle Freiberg

Susan R Friedberg

Timothy Baron Fu

Catherine Ann Fung

Matthew Lawrence Furey

Andrew L. Gai

Bianca E. Gandolfo

Caroline Rochelle Ganzberger

John Robert Garaventa

Julia Krystin Garrido

Richard Dean Garrison

Robert T.H. Gee

Matthew P. Geist

Keith David Gellerman

Peter Jordan Geurts

Sahar Ghabi

Nancy Gidman-Latorraca

Taylor M. Gigliotti

Hemma Melanie Gill

Stefan Harbajan Gill

Mia Theresa Giovanetti

Adam J. Goldman

Michael D. Gonzales

Stephanie Anne Goss

William Stuart Gray

Geoffrey Thomas Greer

Jack Cameron Griffin

Daniel Evan Griffiths

Kenneth Phillip Griggs

Allison Loren Grupe

Laura Marie Guier

Andrew Alexander Gunthorpe

Kuren Chandra Gupta

Rachel Marie Gutierrez

Andrew Huy-Quang Ha

Elizabeth Ha

Raquel McKenzie Hagan

Jeffrey Hamm

Michael Hammelev

Esther Y. Han

Christopher William Hancock

Bryan Wayne Harbich

Bianca Harpel

Dominique Gina Harpel

Kyle William Harrell

Matthew Hartman

Christopher Thomas Harvey

Alexander Macdonald Hash

Zobair Hassan

Sahar Hassanipour

Luke James Hatton

Charles Andrews Haug

Katrina Erin Haus

Melissa Ann Heinrich

Matthew C. Heiting

Victoria L. Hendrickson

Brittany Marie Hernandez

Katherine Jane Herron

Calvin Wing Sing Ho

Yin Lok Ho

Brian Allen Hodge

Kayla Joanne Hofstetter

Jamario D'wan Hooker

Allison Marie Hoover

Claire Alexa Hoppens

Omar Alfred Hosny

Amy Erin Hotaling

Morgan Brittany Houghton

Meredith Annan House

Spencer Gordon Houston

Sydney Mae Howard

Mark Allen Hoyt

Tim Hsu

Ashley Nicole Huelga

Jessica Lauren Hunter

Sean Kinglam Hwang

Jordan Louis Hymes

Timothy Michael Iversen

Johnny Faraj Jaber

Christopher Paul Jaffe

Jonathan L. Jansen

Jason Edward Jasinski

Ronald Dean Jeha

Mark Gregory Jennison

Saket S. Jha

Samta Jha

Rachel Marie John

Dara Rae Johnson

Maggie Elizabeth Johnson

Malcolm Andrew Johnson

Marchessa Yamonnie Shaynê Johnson

Tyler W. Johnson

Thomas Foster Jokerst

Andrew Coleman Jones

Brock Harding Jones

Rachel Ann Kakures

Kristina Marie Kauffman

Mari Anna Kawahara

Sean Edward Kelly

Geoffrey Michael Kennedy

Saif H. Khan

Matthew Michael Kim

Jessica Erinn King

Lance Skylar King

Lisa Grace Kinzli

Kelley Anna Kirkpatrick

Ehsan Kishani

Ross Slack Kitchin

Lauren Kaye Klauber

Carina Rae Klescewski

Garrett Michael Knapp

Candace Elizabeth Kortschak

Rachel Michele Kourey

Daryn Marie Krutzner

Christopher Alexander Krychev

Kelly Morgan Kurtenbach

David A. Kushner

Yookyung Kwon

Shannon Christine Lacy

Wesley Chiu Lai

Jonathan Lawrence Lam

Alexander Ross Landini

Irvin Lao

Michael Anthony LaScala

Cayley Jane Louise Last

James Robert Laurence

Thomas Christian Laursen

Alyssa Mignon Lawlis

Justin Nhu Khoa Le

Amanda Kristen Lee

Andrew James Lee

Brittany Lauren Lee

Joshua Hsin-Che Lee

William Lee

Lauren Michelle Lentz

Antonella Marissa Leone

Deanne Monae Meilan Leong

Victor Eliot Levin

Keven Elliott Lew

Shelby Ann Lichliter

Dana Rochelle Lieber

Jane Lim

Nicole Marie Lincoln

Lucy Liu

Jonathan Olchin Londynsky

Allison M. Long

Jamie Maxine Low

Sahar Lowlachi

Kelly Noelle Lyding

Jacob S. Lynch

Zachary Scott Lynch

Derek J. Ma

Veronica Ruth Mahoney

David Michael Makieve

Imran Husayn Manji

Michael Loren Margolis

Gareth Thomas Marsh

Tyler James Clark Martin

Garrett Jeffrey Mason

Jordan Claire Mauldin

Taylor Kathleen May

Morgan James McCalla

Catherine Eileen Sakae Mc Cann

Cameron Dean McGrew

Kenneth Chase McKenzie

Brittany Anne Mason McLaughlin

Morgan Alexander McLean

David Toshitaka Albert McQuillan

Peter James Meiners

Reginald Ivan Mercado

Kristen Elizabeth Merrill

Taylor Ayn Meyers

Melese I. Michael

Jennifer Michelle Miller

Kathryn Lara Miller

Simone Renée Miller

David Warren Miller-Hershon

Amanda Danielle Minguillon

Christopher Michael Mitchener

Lisa Joy Miyamoto

Katelyn Anne Mogannam

Courtney Dawn Montellano

Tyler Aguirre Moradkhani

Jeffrey Robert More

Adrianna Meryl Morena

Sean Patrick Moriarty

Joseph P. Morrow

Brenna Patricia Mulvey

Alexander Javier Narvaez

Paul Rainer Nawrath

Keshwad Nayebi

Kelsey Roseann Negherbon

Dustin William Neisinger

Stephanie Lauren Nelson

George Patrick Ng

Kim Hoang Quoc Nguyen

Patricia Tran Nguyen

Perry Quoc Nguyen

Alexandra Marie Noonan

Kjersten Teyuan Nordmeyer

Emilie Jean Nosal

Alex Jared Oberlander

Jenney Lauren Odell

Brandon Jesse Ogilby

Christopher R. Olesen

Jason A. Oleson

Christian Andrew Olinger

Morgan Taylor Oliver-Allen

Kevin Robert Oram

Jeffery C. Ornellas

Keith Jordan Oster

Jeffrey Russell Ouye

Nili Ovaici

Michael Louis Palandrani

Stephanie Monzonís Pande

Bardia Papian Gorji

Travis Pau

Jennifer Leanne Payne

Jari Alexander Harrison Pearson

Kennedy Kathryn Pedretti

Jeffrey Edward Penna

Joseph Mitchell Penner

Sarah Jean Peterson

Conner M. Pine

Andrew R. Pohlson

Nicholas John Quade

Humzah Imran Qureshi

Katherine Allyse Rabago

Kelly M. Ralyea

Carlyn Marie Raphel

Anthony Joseph Ratazak

Christopher David Ray

Gregory Michael Ray

Stephanie Elizabeth Renzi

Dillon Michael Rice

John-Michael Preston Rindner

Kelsey Ritter

Lucas Russell Ritter

Emily Ann Robinson

Kelly Louise Robinson

Dominic Ivan Rodriguez

Christian Robert Roemer

Keith Conant Romoser

Erica Amy Rosen

Lacey Morgan Rosenberg

Nicole Sunday Roveto

Patrick Keith Rowland

Roya M. Rubey

Elise Marie Running

Stephen Michael Rupprecht

Austin Mark Rush

Jennifer Mary Sabato

Jordana Arielle Saliman

Allison Marie Samson

Janice Frani Santos

Thomas James Sauer, Jr.

Paige Lauren Saunders

Kendra Natalie Scharnell

Stephanie Ann Schiavo

Logan Thomas Schiller

Marcel Schiller

Caryn Hattum Schmidt

Kaitlyn Elizabeth Schmidt

William Thomas Schramm

Lindsey Taylor Schultz

Charles R. Scoma

Wesley David Scott

Alexander Kaveh Senemar

Ilona Serebnitskaya

Kyle Thomas Sexton

Tyler Robert Seymon

Stephen Cornelis Shaffer

Robert Charles Shahbazian

Daniel Alan Shaheen

Priya Sharma

Faud A. Shennib

Kristen Emiko Sherwood

Daseul Shin

Ronnie Shou

Taylor Cameron Shumate

Robyn Leigh Shutt

Rajbir Singh Sidhu

Matthew George Silva

Patrick Alan Simpson

Natalie Marie Sipos

William Michael Skrip

Theodore William Slavin

Alexandra Marie Slomowitz

Austin Robert Slomowitz

Daniel John Smith

Geoffrey Alan Smith

Jacob Michael Smith

Katie Lauren Smith

Matthew Donovan Smith

Chelsea L. Snyder

Danielle Hyeyoon Song

Zakkary Louis Souza

Anne Marie Spitz

Michael Joseph Stansell

Katherine Kendricken Stanton

Christopher Daniel Staton

Charles T. Steffens

Jeffrey Samuel Stein

Austin C. Stewart

Kimberly Ann Strain

Sarah Eve Stroin

Michael James Sugerman

Devin Parker Sullivan

Shanna M. Sullivan

Michelle Diane Swan

Brandon Michael Sweeney

Michel Karen Tam

Jeremy Joseph Tapper

Andrew Ryan Taylor

Ted Adon Buguis Telmo

Douglas Edward Tengler, II

Benjamin Alexander Theriault

Emilie M. Thomas

Nickolas R. Thurston

Patrick Eugene Ting

Jean Marie Tokmakian

Dylan Joseph Tonti

Tyler Douglas Troup

Amy Aiko Tsuchiyama

Rebecca Ann Tucker

Kaitlyn Leigh Tyler

Richard K. Tyren

Laura Peterson Tyson

Nicole Renaé Underwood

Rebecca Ung

Michael Robert Uriarte

Kevin Ray Valla

John Thomas Van Siclen

Robert Michael Vaughan

Michelle Anne Verger

Nina Alexandra Vertlib

Elizabeth A. Voegtle

Greg Andrew Wagner

Richard B. Wagner

Sarah Waldron

Fred S. Walker

Rebecca Arielle Walling

Bonafacio Wang

Elizabeth Ann Waring

David Weller

Jane Anne Wenden

Thomas Matthew West

Ryan Scott Whalen

Rachel Beth White

Ian Michael Whitfield

Christina Nicole Wiesendanger

Hugh David Wilder

Lauren Marie Wilkins

Alicia N. Wininger

Sheryl Witz

Abigail Raye Wolf

Curtis H. Wong

Emily M. Wong

Janel Bridget Wong

Jessica P. Wong

Bryson Smith Woodbury

Heather Leigh Woodward

Jonathan Wu

Kristen S. T. Wu

Jasmina Yujia Xie

Ching Ching Yao

Constance Mari Yee

Laura Louise Younce

Christina Marie Young

Alison Judy Yu

Chien Yu

Ryan Joseph Yuen

Jennifer Zhang

Amanda L. Ziegler

David Alexander Zimmerman

Chelsea Megan Zink

Katelynn Marie Zoellner

The following students were scheduled to graduate from San Ramon Valley High School:

Anthony David Accomazzo

Chase Keniston Adamic

Alexandra Royse Ader

Kathryn Jean Ahlberg

Farhan Ahmed

Amanda Morgan Alamar

Autumn Elizabeth-Keiko Albers

Christina Marie Alemania

Sarah Alyousfi

April Belle Andrade

Babak Arbabi

Michael William Archibald

Jotinder Arora

Elliot Raymond Arthur

Alejandra Aimee Astoquilca

Matthew Lee Austin

Allyse Lynn Bacharach

Melinda Leeann Bacharach

Kelsey Ann Bagot

Sean Paul Barber

Kelli Kristin Barker

Ryan Patrick Barnes

Lauren Alexis Barraco

Carson Brad Baxter

Brittany Chantel Beech

Tyler James Bell

Samuel Jerico Benjamin

Erika Lindsey Bent

Erica Lauren Bernhard

Gregory Bryan Berry

David Ryan Bethe

David William Louis Betty

Taylor Cameron Beucké

Sara Ann Beyers

Sandeep Kumar Bhateja

David Everett Bianchini Jr.

Alicia Fay Birdsall

Whitney Rae Blackwell

Devan Edward Blair

Rachel Whitney Blessum

Lisa Kim Bloxham

Hannah Nichole Bochenek

Courtney Danielle Booth

Catherine Lillie Borcich

Grant Tyler Bordalampé

Martine Gabrielle Boswell

Elizabeth O'Neal Bowen

Colin Packard Bowyer

Mary Katherine Boyd

Andrew Ian Brenner

Mary Lee Brewington

Colin Westley Brown

Jessica Lynn Brunskill

Scott Michael Buckley

Lindsey Christine Buich

Michael Bull

Amelia Rose Burchard

Amy JoAnn Burchard

Christine Elizabeth Burke

Amy Elizabeth Burkholder

Maria Frances Calderazzo

Benner Denali Call

Tyler Michael Callahan

Matthew David Camilleri

Brian Adams Camyre

David Ronald Canada

Michael David Candau

Lauren Raquel Capriotti

Kyle Thomas Castillo

Neill David Castro

Jenna Marie Cerruti

Andrew Preston Chalmers

Kate Elizabeth Charbonneau

Austen Michael Chen

Will Edward Chittenden

Robynn Kumiko Choy

Christopher Thomas Chreston

John William Christman

Elizabeth Lauren Clapper

Sean Daniel Claybaugh

Paige Alexandra Cohen

Alexandria Nicole Colaco

Blake Sondel Cole

Mackenzie Ann Cole

Christina Marie Collinsworth

Thomas David Comer

Kelsey Anne Comes

Stuart Alan Connelly

Kristin Cook

Liam T. Corcoran

Lindsay Nicole Correa

Christopher John Yee Coyne

Kaitlin Nicole Crocker

Sierra Belle Cushing

Ariana Lynn Dabier

Sam Daddeh

Sara Elizabeth Dalton

Justin Raymond Damele

Madeline Elysia Dang

Jessica Beth Daniels

Kenneth Richard Danielson

Christopher William Dann

Melissa Dastvarz

Joseph John Davies

Victoria Jayne Davies

Erin Michelle Delker

Alexander Emilio DeLuna

Sarah Jean Deveny

Amanda Leigh Devere

Lisa Diane Dewar

Jennifer Anne Dobrzynski

Logan Charles McCloy Dobson

Nicholas Joseph Dominguez

Dana Anthony Doss

Scott Brandon Dowd

Danielle Elizabeth Dowler

Emery Anne Downes

Joanna Carmen Downes

Meghan Celeste Doyle

Michael King Drasin

Samantha Leigh Dullea

Stacey Nicole Duncan

Michael Andrew Dvorak

Lauren M. Ebers

Steven David Ebersole

Amanda Grace Eckenfelder

David Russell Edmon

Rachel Helen Egan

Alexis Renee Eils

Megan Nicole Eitzen

Elisabeth Anne Eldridge

Matthew Louis Stephen Emmons

Molly Rose Enzminger

Alexis Christine Estrada

Valentin Eydelman

Katherine Leigh Falk

Emily Lara Fassiotto

Danielle Megan Ferretti

Samuel Gregory Finlayson

Kaylia Michelle Fisher

Keven Paul Fitzpatrick

Rachel Seishin Fleisher

Kelly Diane Fogarty

Kelsey Jean Foltz

Alyssa Ann Fong

Jacqueline Vanessa Forni

Molly Jane Frandsen

Joseph Michael Fuca

Tyler Elias Fust

Chelsea Elizabeth Gallegos

Jessica Ann Garcy

Jamie Colin Gates

Alyse Lauren Gilbert

Noe-Marie Filice Gilbertson

Laura Jean Gingrich

Amber Rose-Marie Goulart

Nicole Kelly Goulding

Dasha Marie Grabowsky

Haleigh Lauren Grant

Michael Howard Grant

Katherine Ann Green

Geoffrey Ford Griffin

Kaitlin Michele Griffin

Christopher Joseph Gruber

Nicholas John Grutzeck

Joseph G. Guastavino

Brett Allen Gunari

Kari Ann Gunderson

Adam Michael Haas

Taylor Alexander Hahn

Niv Hakami-Majd

Nawaid Hamid

Christopher James Hand

Keith Francis Hanlon

Brett Y. Harada

Megan Rose Harcourt

Scott Daniel Harrelson

Scott Andrew Hasenpflug

David W. J. Hasselfeld

Kelley Christine Hathaway

Lindsay Marie Haworth

Kristen Lynn Hayashi

Zachary Blaine Hayes

Daniel Joseph Hebel

Mikaila Brianne Hebert

Roy Ziegler Helu Jr.

Ryan Michael Hensley

Taylor Robert Herman

Alexander Samuel Herskovich

Michael Benjamin Heskett

Catherine Nicole Hewatt

Lesley Tilford Hilp

Michael Thomas Hodges

Cari Margaret Hoffschildt

Allison Michelle Hom

Caetlynn Elizabeth Horner

Neal Robert Howard

Melvin Hsieh

Keith Erickson Hughes

Keith L. Hullenaar

Kaitlyn Anne Humphrey

Zachary Benjamin Hunter

Mikayla Ann Ioannou

Anthony Jay Iovino

Marissa Ann Iovino

Steve Sofsrud Jackson

Kelly Marie Jaeger

Michael James Jennings

Kathryn Rose Jewett

Paolo Armando Pardini Jimenez

Hyun W. Jin

Ashley Ann Johnson

Gregory Spencer Johnson

Scott Aaron Johnson

Caroline Christine Juen

Callie Patricia Kaminski

Nicholas Bernard Kaplan

Gloria Marguerite Katrib

Sophia Kazimi

Aaron Samuel Keil

Christine Marie Keller

Austin James Kelley

Heather Sheldon-Lee Kellogg

Christopher Mitchell Kemsley

Carly Jean Kenyon

Amy Elizabeth Kerr

Leonid Keselman

Brett Charles Keteles

Samuel Nicholas Kikes

Liam Kennedy Kimble

Curtis Donald Kingman

Trevor James Knowles

Charles Young Ko

Andrew Jon Koski

Brianna Koski

Raffi Hagop Kouyoumdjian

Everett Lloyd Kowalski

Sophia Leigh Krampf

Sam Spencer Krevocheza

Cameron Jordan Krome

Rachel Anne LaBerge

Justin Michel Lacasse

Michael Robert Lainez

James Robert Lambert

Patrick Charles Lancaster

Kayla Ann Lane

Christopher Julien Laos

John Mitchell Lappin

Jason Won Lee (

Lauren Kristin Lee (

Spencer Michael Lee

Kaitlyn Mary Lehrer

Bryce Clayton Leininger

Matthew Adam Lendvay

Caitlin Anne Lester

XiaoXuan Judy Li

Devan Lester Liles

Danielle Louise Lombard

Blake Allen Longfellow

Victoria Frances Lopez

Corbin Scott Louks

Melissa Ko Low

Ryan Lawrence Lucas

Andrew Joseph Lynch

Christopher Cody Macaulay

Justin Edward Macinick

Erin Christine Mackey

Zachary Michael Madonick

Michael Timothy Mahoney

Laura Frances Managan

Grace Kimberley Mannell

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Connor Gregory Rufe

Kristen Nina Ruiz

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Alison Eileen Ryan

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Asha Sabbella

Amanda Sadri

Peri Hadees Saleh

Maximilian Xavier Dumlao Santana

Vai Aaron Schierholtz

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Kristina Janette Seat

Kimberly N. Segovia

Nicholas John Seiler

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Whitney Ann Seller

Mina Sentaws Sentaws

GianPaul Fernando Severo

Kamyar Adameus Shabaniani

Abigail Atwood Shaw

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Molly Rachel Shwedel

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Jessica Lynn Smith

Katelin Marie Smith

Brittany Alix Solomon

Alan Thor Sonoda

Tyler Mark Soo Hoo

Aubree Anne Southwick

Joseph Harrison Spingarn

Alexandros Stavrianopoulos

Rebecca Leigh Stein

Ashley Kristine Steinberg

Andrea Ruth Stenquist

Michael Robert Storer

Hillary Middleton Struthers

Sarah Hasan Suharwardy

Samuel Joseph Sutton

Michael Joseph Swain

Carolyn DeAnn Talley

Michael Kevin Tamaki

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Sydney Elise Tricaso

Laura Lynne Trimble

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William Thomas Nitsch Valdriz

Taylor Diane Valle

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Ryan Lee Vandersloot

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Keri Lee Verne

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Cameron Lee Walters

Andrea Wang

Allison Lee Ward

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Lauren Camille Watkins

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Devin Alan Whaley

Grace Jungmee Whang

Jacob Warren White

Tia Christine Wilborn

Joseph William Wilcox

Marissa Allison Williams

Danette Elizabeth Winkler

Lee Robert Witbeck

Brad David Wlcek

Jason Robert Wong

Jacob Allen Worley

Emily Catherine Wray

Helen Louise Wu

Leilani Nicole Wu

Michael Broderick Yeakle

Sydney Grace Yien

Yvonne Jia-Yen Yip

Laura Jane Young

Sonia Michelle Young

Jonathan Michael Zee

Ariel Rose Zimmerman


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Posted by Nawaid
a resident of San Ramon Valley High School
on Mar 30, 2008 at 11:20 am

Class of 07!!!!


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Posted by Oxymo Ron
a resident of another community
on Mar 31, 2008 at 5:49 pm

Dear neighbors,

It is such a wonder to celebrate the Class of '07, and understand the many classes to celebrate. The class of 1907 brought us through the roaring '20's and the depression. The class of 2007 will likely face the same responsibility.

It is never funny that history repeats itself,


One HAL of a Pal

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Posted by steven
a resident of Diablo
on May 18, 2010 at 8:45 pm

<b><font color="red"> warning all guys this girl is a SCAM artist</font>
<b> This young ladys name is Sydney Marie Guier she came into my life and used me for a place to sleep for 36 days when she told me her BF kicked her out the same day she moved to Texas to be with him.
Later she so quietly told me she was supost to inherit a large sum off money. After continuing to lie to me and playing games and using my business money with promising about paying me back times 3 i loaned her a car which that i bought for re sale pourposes. she soon wrote me a note told me i was the best guy ever but she had to leave to try to get her sun back. She so quietly robed my house of $1700.00 cash, my check book, a few ID's and my camara. I am posting this to all guys be safe do not trust this girl or any one like her. If anyone else has seen or had similar expereances with Sydney Marie Guier please contact me so we can shut this girl down and run her tramp ass out of Texas

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Posted by amber
a resident of another community
on Feb 2, 2012 at 3:15 pm

hi this is to the man steven please contacat me my name is amber and sydney is my fiances ex wife and i would like to talk to you aboout her to you if you could please contact me asap i would appriciate it

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