Zoning administration approves Alamo fire station


The Contra Costa County zoning administration approved plans for an Alamo fire station renovation opposed by some neighbors on Monday, with the addition of several conditions to mitigate residents' concerns.

Plans for Station 32, which was constructed in the 1950s, included 54 conditions that the San Ramon Valley Fire Protection District must meet in order to construct a new facility on Stone Valley Road. The improved plans include several additional pages of stipulations to alleviate concerns about noise, traffic and aesthetics.

"We spent two and a half years working out the plans and doing a lot of community outreach. We held about 30 meetings in the community and we also had to have approval from the Alamo MAC," said Fire Chief Richard Price. "The approval yesterday was really about land use…and doesn't work out every aspect of the design. The more granular levels of the project still have to go through an additional approval process."

The new building will be a one-story, 9,255 square foot station to replace the existing 3,700 square foot station further south on Stone Valley road. The 1.1-acre site on the northeast corner of Miranda Avenue will be home to a total of 18 district personnel and serve the entirety of Alamo and the rest of the San Ramon Valley as necessary.

Before the fire district can submit construction plans for approval, fire district planners must develop a communications plan to advise residents about impending construction, change the color of the garage doors to fit with the neutral color palate of the surrounding neighborhood and ensure that there will be no overflow parking on Megan Court. Catherine Kutsuris, Contra Costa County's conservation and development director and a zoning administrator, also removed two redundant requirements from the plan's original 54 stipulations.

Once the fire district receives the proper permits, the first phase of construction will include removing a house that's on the site, grading and utility extensions. Chief Price said it would be at least a year before any construction occurs.

Opponents of the project have until Thursday, July 21 to appeal the zoning administration's decision to the county planning commission.


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Posted by beck
a resident of Alamo
on Jul 13, 2011 at 11:22 am


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Posted by Julia
a resident of Alamo
on Jul 13, 2011 at 11:25 am

I am sincerely ashamed of any person in Alamo that is opposed to this new Fire Station.

All the folks that are opposed to this project are the people that live close too or next to this new beautiful planned fire station.

Most of you folks (and you know who you are)need to really know the facts. Noise, Traffic and Aesthetics, my, my get a life people.

Maybe they should close the fire station and move truck 32 to Danville. Then when your house is on fire or even worse a loved one is suffering a medical condition, you can just sit and wait for the emergency response from Danville...trouble is, it may be too late.

I wish my house was next the a fire station and so does my Allstate Insurance Agent.

Some of you new comers to Alamo need to get your priorities in order or even better move to Danville.

I sincerely hope we get the new fire station ASAP.



Julia from Alamo and have been for over 38 years.

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Posted by [removed]
a resident of Alamo
on Jul 13, 2011 at 11:42 am

Dear Editor,

What we are seeing in the latest approval is the mitigations that were legitimately requested by neighbors, Stone Valley School parents and AIA’s in-depth review. Any property holder has an obligation to be a good neighbor and SRV Fire has now worked to mitigate their good neighbor status in Alamo. There is some mitigation left to complete and congratulations to neighbors, parents and AIA planning for pursuing the mitigation process.

We can clearly see the opposite result at Monte Vista High School where a massive, industrial solar power generation station is being installed quite out-of-place in Alamo neighborhoods and away from any esthetic impact on the main MVHS campus and Danville. SRVUSD hid behind its state regulatory status to avoid mitigation of such an inappropriate industrial facility and any requirement to be a good neighbor.

We can thank Chief Price and SRV Fire for their continuing efforts to mitigate neighbors concerns as a good neighbor in Alamo.

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Posted by [removed]
a resident of Alamo
on Jul 14, 2011 at 2:00 pm

Dear Editor,

In your continuing sponsorship of Libel as defamation by commentators on the town square forum, you are distracting readers from considering the exceptional efforts among neighborhoods, school parents, SRV Fire and AIA planning in achieving further mitigation of fire house operations’ noise, traffic and visual impact. In Chief Price’s response to neighborhoods’ thanks for his mitigation efforts he acknowledged his efforts as a good neighbor and his appreciation of community efforts to mitigate fire house issues. Defamation should never be confused with opinion or journalism and the goal in this exchange is to inform your readers of the additional efforts that will bring additions to our public safety and what additional public safety issues need consideration.

Let’s have your readers imagine a major earthquake in Alamo that collapse the 680 overpasses. Our fire/paramedic services would be isolated on the EAST side and our police services would be isolated on the WEST side. Isn’t that a part of this public safety discussion and your obligation as a journalist to consider?

As for the continued politically-motivated defamation of the AIA, let’s invite your readers to review the home page of to see a very active community affairs effort that is focused on major issues for Alamo and will focus a public safety taskforce on the EAST/WEST issues of Alamo in a major emergency. Then, on the same site, you as editor can confirm that AIA by-laws has no specification that members must be home owners or even residents of Alamo 94507 (see 2.A on Page One, Web Link).

As a news service alliance courtesy

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