Danville Police offer holiday safety tips

Chief: Crooks see more 'easy targets' during holiday season

With the holiday season in full swing, Danville officials urge residents to take some extra safety precautions to help reduce potential crimes in the area.

"During the holidays we see an increase in property crime because the availability of easy targets (in the eyes of the crook) seem to be more plentiful," Police Chief Steve Simpkins said.

"While it is always important to maintain a level of awareness, the busy holiday season means more packages on doorsteps and more shopping bags sitting inside cars. The bad guys are aware of this also and look for those easy opportunities," he added.

Town officials offered a series of crime-prevention tips in a recent Danville Today article:

* Be aware of surroundings while shopping. Put items in the trunk, out of sight, and don't leave purses, wallets or other valuables in vehicles.

* Always lock houses and cars when leaving.

* Keep the garage door closed, even when home. Be sure to put bicycles, lawnmowers or other valuable items away when finished using them.

* Carry a bicycle lock when riding.

* Place delivered packages inside as soon as possible. If away from home, have a friend or neighbor remove the delivery from the doorstep promptly.

* When on vacation, keep exterior/interior lights on timers as opposed to leaving them illuminated all day and night.

* When planning a vacation, be sure to stop mail and subscriptions unless a neighbor or friend is set to collect those items daily. Also, be aware when posting plans on social media.

* Contact Danville Police and register for a "vacation house check."

* And if a crime does occur, residents are encouraged to call 9-1-1 or the Danville Police direct line (820-2144) immediately, while details are still fresh in their minds.


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