Active shooter training in Danville

San Ramon Valley police, firefighters prepare for potential campus crisis

Police officers and firefighters of the San Ramon Valley teamed up for an active shooter training session last week.

More than 50 police officers and fire personnel from the Danville Police Department, Contra Costa County Sheriff's Office and the San Ramon Valley Fire Protection District were on site Thursday at Monte Vista High School in Danville to respond during a simulated active shooter scenario.

"In years past, the drill has focused on the apprehension of the mock assailants and securing the scene," Jeff Hebel, emergency services manager for the town of Danville, said in a statement. "This year we expanded the drill to include firefighters and paramedics to exercise the rescue team component."

Other multi-agency simulations have occurred throughout the Tri-Valley this summer, such as the active shooter training held in Pleasanton on July 28 by Pleasanton, Dublin and Livermore police departments along with Livermore-Pleasanton firefighters.

During the Pleasanton training session, the agencies also focused on getting emergency medical services on the scene with police officers to help victims during the active shooting instead of waiting until the site has been deemed safe and secured.

"It is imperative that all emergency service agencies work seamlessly together in a time of crisis," said Dan MacNamara, battalion chief for San Ramon Valley Fire. "Exercises, like the one (Thursday), are crucial for our readiness to respond to any emergency in our community."

The four-hour training session in Danville consisted of emergency services crews rotating throughout different parts of the scenario. Police volunteers and local high school students participated as role-players to add a sense of realness to the training.

"Our hope is that we never have to use this training," Danville police chief Steve Simpkins said. "But I feel confident that in the event that the worst happens, our local emergency responders will be ready."

Active shooter statistics:

* In an FBI study of 84 active shooter incidents, most incidents occur in a small- or medium-sized community where police departments are limited by budget constraints and small work forces.

* According to FBI statistics, 37% happen at a business, 34% school, 17% public venue and 12% other locations.

* The average active shooter incident lasts 12 minutes -- 37% last less than 5 minutes, 43% are over before police arrive and 57% are still happening when police arrive.

* When it comes to the shooter, FBI studies have found that the culprit is almost always a single-shooter (98%) and is a male (97%).

* 40% of active shooters commit suicide, 10% stop shooting and walk away, and 20% go to another location.


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Posted by Julia
a resident of Alamo
on Aug 11, 2014 at 10:16 am

Great training scenario. Too bad we need this type of training. I hope we never actually need to activate the team of professionals, but if we do I am glad they will know how to handle the matter.

Thank you for listening, Julia Pardini from Alamo

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Posted by Aubrey
a resident of Alamo
on Aug 11, 2014 at 10:27 am

The primary targets in virtually all of these shootings are "gun free zones". If we don't have any of these targets, the likelihood of an incident is drastically reduced.

Ever wonder why the wackjobs never attack a police station?

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Posted by Yosemite Sam
a resident of Danville
on Aug 11, 2014 at 12:43 pm

Why by cracky, you're right Aubrey. We should give them youngn's a sawed off shotgun and two hours of training the minute they hit kindergarten. And the teachers, why they should have some rocket launchers. That'll keep the crazies away!

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Posted by Gun Fan-atic
a resident of Danville
on Aug 14, 2014 at 9:26 am

It is possible to stop the gun crazies that kill indiscriminately in schools and malls and the like. Given the value we place on life here... It is a matter of political choice to provide proper deterrence. It would not be that difficult to put in a staffed machine gun turret atop each school. And it is more than possible to put in remotely controllable "Exit" signs in all public locations that are capable of shooting targets identified by video feeds. Kind of a drone protection scenario. Think of the size of the market for gun drone exit signs. One in each classroom, two in each corridor, several in each gym, etc.etc.
And I never understood why people get upset about arming all teachers and staffs in schools. For the same reason that the mass killers don't attack police stations

So time to arm up for safety!!!

Plus it would certainly engender teacher respect from unruly students. All you would have to do as a teacher is "point-the-gun" ! ! !

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Posted by Y. Sam
a resident of Danville
on Aug 14, 2014 at 12:45 pm

Why EEEEE-hah GFA. That's a knee slapper! Thanks for the giggle!

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