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Perspective - June 8, 2007

Alamo eyes cityhood

Alamo has stepped up its movement toward incorporation just as Danville is celebrating its 25th anniversary as a town. The unincorporated area has been rife with private meetings of insiders devising the best way to achieve independence from the county, as one unpopular decision after another was foisted upon them. Just as planning issues were the driving force behind Danville's incorporation, many Alamo residents are tired of decisions about their community being made at the county level by five supervisors who do not live anywhere near the San Ramon Valley, much less Alamo.

At the Alamo incorporation public meeting held last week, some of the residents who objected to cityhood seemed to have the wrong impression of what incorporation would mean, saying they liked Alamo's rural setting and lack of lights and sidewalks, and they didn't want to be like Danville. Making Alamo a city would not turn it into a duplicate of Danville. It would be up to the elected leaders of the new municipality to make these decisions.

The main question is whether Alamo has the financial means to be self-supporting. The study financed by private parties seems to indicate it does, showing annual revenue at $7.5 million, and expenses around $7.2 million. Money, in addition to planning issues, has been another impetus for backers of incorporation who say they are tired of Alamo's money going to other parts of the county.

Would a city of Alamo have allowed the YMCA facilities beginning construction off Danville Boulevard? What about those huge houses on the hills near Stone Valley Road at I-680? Or the parking lot across the street from Monte Vista High School? Perhaps these projects would have been allowed, although some Alamo residents were passionately against them. But at least the decisions would have been made in Alamo by people with only its interests at heart.


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Posted by Alamo community of neighborhoods
a resident of Alamo
on Jun 8, 2007 at 8:43 am

Dear Dolores,

Thank you for your clear commentary on incorporation and focusing on the retention of Alamo's character through local planning. The abuses of the character of Alamo neighborhoods by the county, Danville, SRVUSD and SRV YMCA will not be tolerated by the majority of Alamo residences and their neighborhood groups. Alamo's majority will not support an Alamo city council with the same abusive powers as the CCC-BOS. As a result, in addition to various legal action and county reformation activities, Alamo's majority in neighborhood groups will support a well-defined formation charter with specific limitations of the power of the city council as City of Alamo incorporation in 2009.

Hal Bailey
as a courtesy to Alamo neighborhoods

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Posted by Vince Kreigher
a resident of Alamo
on Jun 29, 2007 at 10:41 am

As incorporation returns to the back burner of issues Alamo faces, we can appreciate, created by Steve Mick, as a forum for Alamo community communication. Alamo's majority in neighborhood groups has been pursuing the formation of various councils and committees to immediately defend our community from actions by governments and organizations including Contra Costa County, Danville, SRV YMCA and MVHS/SRVUSD. If such private council efforts through appropriate counsel fail to protect Alamo neighborhoods from abuses, incorporation will return to immediate consideration by all of Alamo.

Our thanks to Steve!