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asked at Chamber of Commerce mixer at Mountain Mike's Pizzeria

What's the best way to make a bad impression at a job interview?

The best way to make a bad impression is to not be prepared. Putting down the company or the person or the competitor. How you dress, research the company, know your own resume, and being able to answer questions, and having questions to ask are factors in making an impression.

Colette Lamm

professional organizer

I had a person show up in a tank top once. He came straight from a bachelor's party. That wasn't good. One young man was very honest and told me his boss said to him that he was expendable and he could be replaced by a carrot. At Ohio State, this young man asked if we could do the interview outside near his car. He said he needed to leave right away.

Joe Buena Vista


Don't show up on time. Don't act interested. Lack of knowledge about the employer and the job.

Stan Eigelberner

owner of Printo Graphix

The best way to make a bad impression at a job interview is to not show up. If you're at a job interview, a bad impression would be sneezing on our hand then offering a handshake. Come in with pizza stains and last night's beer breath.

Audrey Pascone

representative of Green Body

Showing up late. One woman complained that no one would take her seriously. She had bad hair. She was not dressed well. But she went to my church. I didn't know about it until a month after the interview. We didn't hire her.

Christie Mahon

owner of Hearing Services


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Posted by Hal Bailey
a resident of Alamo
on Jun 22, 2007 at 7:57 am


The very best way to fail in nearly all interviews is to be over the age of 55. Age discrimination, although illegal, is openly practiced in USAmerica and trumps knowledge, experience, appearance and market position. That is why I work for global firms that focus solely on talent and market relationships.

Great question! Applause,


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a resident of Tassajara Hills Elementary School

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