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Perspective - October 5, 2007


Tired of campaigns yet? And we're not even talking about the candidates running for the presidential primaries. We're referring to local politicians tying themselves to popular causes that might pay off in November. That is, a year from November.

Supporters of Alamo incorporation are quite visible, asking for signatures to present their case to the Local Agency Formation Commission to see if a city of Alamo would be viable. Opponents of Alamo incorporation are getting their arguments out there, too. And Windmill Farms has spent the last few weeks getting signatures on a petition to present to the county for permission to remain an open market and continue selling cut fruit and melons.

The Windmill Farms effort seemed like a pretty cut-and-dried campaign for a store to prove its service to the community rather than a political effort. Until Assemblyman Guy Houston (R., District 15) got involved. He stood out on San Ramon Valley Boulevard last week collecting signatures and sporting a big sign that read: "Help Guy Houston save Windmill Farms."

Houston's assembly position is termed out, and he is running for Contra Costa County District 3 supervisor. His signs didn't mention his run for supervisor but what else could have been his intention as he included his name on the signs in the highly visible spot? It was as much a self promotion as when he marches down Hartz Avenue during the Fourth of July Parade, crossing from one side of the street to the other shaking hands of supporters.

We support Windmill Farms' quest to stick with business as usual and are happy to see anyone campaigning for it. And we are glad things are going so well in the state of California that our assemblyman could use his recess to gather signatures for his friends - with his own name in big bold letters.


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Posted by Judy
a resident of Danville
on Oct 8, 2007 at 11:10 am

I'm responding to Guy Houston's position on Windmill Farms. It's frustrating to see a candidate spending time grandstanding on issues they can only control through their vote in Sacramento. Guy, step back from the cameras and reporters, shaking hands asking for signatures on a petition that will not see the light of day. Mr. Houston, you know full well this issue will be decided by state laws that you were elected to pass and the County Environmental Health Department is responsible for the enforcement and implementation of such. I encourage you to go back to work at the State Assembly for which you are currently being paid and change the laws if you feel the State and Environmental Laws are inadequate.

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Posted by Kerri Samuelson
a resident of San Ramon
on Oct 9, 2007 at 8:27 pm

Judy, thank you for protection our Windmill Farms. BUT, Guy Houston did what was needed to be done to get local voice and commitment behind his efforts at the state and county level to resolve this, actually, very silly issue. Unless local voice is LOUD, little government action will happen because nobody will be listening.

Guy has done city level activities and understands the local voice needed to make changes. Sure Guy had campaign interests, but the result was earnest and important to all of us. Windmill Farms is ours to protect and preserve.

Thanks to everyone for their commentary,