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Perspective - November 2, 2007

Letters to the editor

We need a good working government

Dear Editor:

Alamo has been trying to have effective, protected crosswalks installed in Danville Boulevard in the commercial area for five years, or longer. County supervisors have met in Alamo and heard the request for better crossing safeguards. The result? There are flags in containers at the worst crossing. Sometimes, all the flags are on the wrong side of the boulevard. That is what county government provides for Alamo.

Compare this non-action to what was noted in the Oct. 26 Danville Weekly. The Danville Town Council discussed a crosswalk problem in Front Street and decided to go ahead and establish a crosswalk. They are considering flashing signs and other possible additions to establish a safe crosswalk. Those who are opposed to Alamo incorporation, do they consider this too much government? Danville, Lafayette, Orinda have good working town governments. Alamo needs the same.

Margaret Elliott, Alamo


Posted by Jake Townsend, a resident of another community
on Nov 2, 2007 at 8:41 am

Margaret, I'm confused!

There ARE flashing lights at the crosswalk in Alamo that you referenced. Each morning when I drive to my Alamo office, I see lights flashing as parents and children cross Danville Blvd.

More confusing? What does flashing lights and crosswalks have to do with effective local government, incorporated or not?

More important, Tice Valley is part of the Alamo neighborhoods forum and has been excluded from any incorporation consideration. Thus, why should the 29 greater neighborhoods of the Alamo Region support an very exclusive incorporation?

Tice Valley

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