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Column - November 9, 2007

Diablo Views: Coming soon near you

by Dolores Fox Ciardelli

Does anyone wish there were a McDonald's in the Trader Joe's location in Danville? That's what her father wanted when he owned the property several decades ago, Marilyn Agenos Dreyfuss told the Danville Area Chamber of Commerce members last week.

The luncheon at Bridges drew a record Chamber crowd to hear developers and property owners talk about what is happening in downtown Danville. It was a good chance to get your arms around all the plans as old buildings face the wrecking ball and new complexes rise from the dust on five different properties.

Dreyfuss noted that her property, Danville Square, has completed the Trader Joe's portion on the south, the Starbucks area on the north, and the new enlarged post office. Ten retail spaces are under construction, and she plans to attract businesses that will build upon the "spirit" of Trader Joe's, she said. Hmmm. A yoga studio, perhaps? Hemp clothing? She wants Danville Square to be a legacy to her father - without the McDonald's.

Thomas Baldacci, present of Castle Companies, spoke about the property behind the historic Danville Hotel. This area became a funky Hollywood-set-like frontier town in the 1950s as Danville revisited its Old West roots, but the false-fronted structures and the old gingerbread restaurant are looking mighty neglected these days. Baldacci said he's been working on the project since 2001, and the town changed the block's zoning so the new project could have mixed uses. Plans call for retail, offices and 10 residential units, with parking underground for tenants. Baldacci hopes to get started sometime in the spring.

"This is a complete departure for downtown Danville," he said. "It will be a center point for the whole downtown." He said he is still talking to town officials and residents as he finetunes the plans.

Brad Blake, CEO of Blake Hunt Ventures, spoke about the Rose Garden project, adjacent to Navlet's Garden Center on Sycamore Valley Road, which is being developed with Baldacci's Castle Companies. Rose Garden has been under way for 12 years, Blake said, noting it has "complicated construction," but tenants will start moving in from March to June. It will have four restaurants and 15-20 retailers, and Blake was excited to have attracted businesses from Santana Row in San Jose, Mill Valley and the Peninsula. He is also wooing some from Walnut Creek, convincing them the Rose Garden right off the freeway has better access, and said he's drawing on the downtown Danville ambience. The Rose Garden's 56 apartments will take another year or so to complete.

Blake also recently purchased 522 Hartz Ave., which was home to the old Valley Pioneer and, more recently, the San Ramon Valley Times. He has made the site available to the Alamo Danville Artists' Association for an art gallery for six months until he replaces it with another two-story building with retail on the ground floor and high end office space upstairs.

Trish Wilkalis, general manager of Blackhawk Plaza, spoke enthusiastically on its revamping, which should be completed by next summer. Already, things are looking up since Draeger's Market opened last month, and she was excited about its 15 new tenants, including Anthropologie, Banana Republic, White House Black Market, G.R. Doodlebug and a large Starbucks.

Kathy Chiverton, executive director of the San Ramon Valley YMCA, said approvals are in place for the new 12-acre facility on the Alamo/Danville border, and it should be ready in summer 2009. People are happy to hear it will be a place for teens to gather on Friday and Saturday nights, she said, plus it will create 50 to 200 jobs, from lifeguards to front desk workers, with a $1.3 million yearly payroll. Next on the agenda for the Y: completing and bringing to life the theater on El Cerro Boulevard.

Danville has a distinct sense of place, noted Danville Transportation Manager Tai Williams at the luncheon, and it strives to preserve and enhance what it has. The plans all point in that direction.

I wonder just how many stores and restaurants and offices the town can use, but I trust the developers did demographic studies before launching their projects. And the good news is, we'll still have to drive out to Blackhawk or down to San Ramon for a Big Mac.

--Dolores Fox Ciardelli can be e-mailed at editor@DanvilleWeekly.com.


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Posted by Hal Bailey
a resident of another community
on Nov 9, 2007 at 9:18 am

Dolores, such great humor, and so subtle,

"I wonder just how many stores and restaurants and offices the town can use, but I trust the developers did demographic studies before launching their projects. And the good news is, we'll still have to drive out to Blackhawk or down to San Ramon for a Big Mac."

I think we ought to meet a Burger King and discuss how your column today captured the humor that is Danville. Ah, but be careful, wordsmith, there is a chance Danville will consider you their Towne Fool.


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Posted by Anonymous
a resident of another community
on Nov 12, 2007 at 1:14 pm

Great column! I always love reading these columns. It sounds like great plans are coming to Danville. I am excited for the new restaurants, especially the ones coming to the Rose Garden.

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Posted by Vince Kreigher
a resident of another community
on Nov 15, 2007 at 8:29 am

Posted as a courtesy

Much laughter was created among the Alamo e-chains as our neighborhoods reviewed all the things Danville wants to bring to their community or IMPOSE on Alamo. Since Danville proudly wishes to place the SRV YMCA deep in Alamo neighborhoods, we are planning on returning the favor.

WE are planning a McDonald's to be built inside a Wal-Mart in Danville. Alamo neighborhoods will make this project our #1 goal.

Count on us!

Lisa Wright

Posted as a courtesy by Alamo neighborhoods

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Posted by Debra Sherman
a resident of Danville
on Nov 27, 2007 at 8:46 am

Dear Alamo neighbors,

Alamo neighborhoods have reached out to DAMNville neighborhoods to support our efforts to gain voice and consideration among the DAMNville town council. Certainly, we hope that our El Pintado/La Gonda neighborhoods becomes part of the citizen-led city of Alamo all Alamo Region neighborhoods are planning, but for now we appreciate the support of being an Alamo Region neighborhood.

DAMNville should never be a model for any city or allowed to be an influence in developing the citizen-led government of the city of Alamo. Learn from our mistakes, Alamo, and make sure you get a city that is yours and not control by a handful of council members and their supporters.


Note from Vince: This note was received by the neighborhood forum and is posted as example of the growing issues between Danville neighborhoods and the town government. Repeatedly, Danville neighbors are referring to Danville's town government as DAMNville.

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Posted by Mac Lover
a resident of Danville
on Dec 1, 2007 at 8:46 am

I wish I could get a juicy double cheeseburger with fries <b>locally!</b>

Oh, well. I'll have to stick with the healthy stuff at the Farmer's Market...

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Posted by Lisa Wright
a resident of another community
on Dec 5, 2007 at 4:26 pm

Dear MAC Lover,

A McDo in DAMNville? Count on it!

We are negotiating with Wal-Mart as we speak to get A McDo in Waltons, an upscale Wal-Mart, planned for Danville. As Hal noted, on return from Paris, we need a McDo, as the French version, with wine and beer available.

It will be our complete pleasure to complete this immediate project for Downtown Danville.


Posted by Vince Kreigher on behalf of the Alamo neighborhoods forum