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Community Pulse - November 16, 2007

Schools on alert for stranger

A stranger in his 20s wearing sunglasses and a red-sleeved shirt caused a stir in Danville after he offered a fifth-grade boy on a bicycle a ride home from school in his truck last week.

The incident occurred shortly after 3 p.m., Tuesday, Nov. 6, near John Baldwin Elementary School. Three fifth-grade friends were riding their bikes on Paraiso Drive and the Iron Horse Trail, when one fell behind. The two continued on the trail. A Caucasian in his early 20s, with dark brown to black hair, braces and a goatee, approached the lone boy and offered to put his bike in the back of his truck and give him a ride home. The truck was a dark blue Ford, without a shell, and the driver's side window was cracked.

The youth ignored the man, caught up with his friends and continued riding to his home. The district sent a letter to families who have children at John Baldwin.

"We want to make sure parents are informed," said school district spokesman Terry Koehne. "If an incident occurs like this, we encourage families to report this immediately."

The district encourages students who encounter strange situations to go back and notify their schools. District officials would then inform their parents and police.

The recent incident sparked a flurry of police calls, said police Sgt. Troy Craig. As a result, Danville police increased their patrol cars and investigated the calls. However, police couldn't find the man that fit boy's description and don't know if he intended to abduct the child.

"We haven't come to a conclusion if there was malicious intent," said police Sgt. Troy Craig.

-Jordan M. Doronila


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