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Newsfront - November 30, 2007

Assembly candidates press their cases

Blackhawk Republican Women present five hopefuls from District 15

by Jordan M. Doronila

Fiscal health. No new taxes. Self-reliance. These are three qualities lacking in Sacramento, said Republican political candidates.

Five candidates for Assembly 15 presented their ideas and solutions at a forum held at Blackhawk Country Club on Nov. 15, sponsored by the Blackhawk Republican Women's Club. Dozens of people attended.

The candidates in the forum were Judy Lloyd, former President Reagan cabinet member; San Ramon Mayor Abram Wilson; businessman Robert Rao; Alamo resident Joe Rubay; and Livermore optometrist Scott Kamena. Rubay has since dropped out of the race.

"They are interesting candidates," said Tracy Wheeler, a Blackhawk resident.

District 15 includes Danville, Alamo, San Ramon, Livermore, Walnut Creek, Brentwood, Discovery Bay and a part of Pleasanton, as well as portions of Stockton, Galt, Tracy and Elk Grove. Current Republican Assemblyman Guy Houston will be termed out in 2008.

At the forum, Rao, who operates an auto business and lives on a ranch in Livermore, spoke first.

"As a businessman, I have some insight to the problems in this state," he said. "There is a $6 billion deficit in the state in 2008. I believe we are entering into an era of a budget nightmare - not a budget crisis."

"I'm totally opposed to raising taxes." he added.

He noted he wanted to use the market system to develop a cost efficient and effective healthcare system. He said entrepreneurs - by nature - would demand the best in their services. If healthcare is run like a business, it would be successful.

Wilson talked about building trust and communication with everyone. He noted that to reach Gov. Schwarzenegger, one has to do his homework and know the issue at hand. Then he would sit down with the governor and show how an issue would benefit him. Wilson said Sacramento needs constraints on its spending.

"I'm financially conservative," Wilson said. "We don't spend what you don't have."

Lloyd said Republicans need to find themselves.

"I really feel that we have lost our way in the Republican Party," she said. "We need to equate Reagan's legacy to what the future holds for us."

Rubay said the state needs structure.

"I want to make sure California has a little bit of a plan," he said.

Kamena, a director with Livermore Parks and Recreation and son of Livermore Mayor Marshall Kamena, said giving children a strong foundation of values and direction will help immensely in alleviating many of their problems.

"They don't know why they are here," he said.

He, like most of the candidates, noted that youths should learn to be self-reliant.

"All kids should be self-sufficient by the age of 22," he said, making the crowd chuckle.

"You're all laughing," he responded. "I see 28-year-olds still living at home. We have too many giving and too many taking. Let's figure out what really works."


Posted by Truth in AD15, a resident of San Ramon
on May 23, 2008 at 1:45 am

Did you know that Scott Kamena got into his current office illegally?

He lived in PLEASANTON when he was first appointed and elected to LIVERMORE's park district. The Contra Costa Times did an expose on November 14, 2003 which revealed that Kamena got into office through a series of questionable legal loopholes. He based his appointment to LARPD in 2001 and election in 2002 on a secret real estate document that he refuses to release to the public. (What is Kamena hiding?)

LARPD's lawyer has argued with rambling, tortured explanations that Kamena was in office legally -- but the Times expose revealed that LARPD's lawyer was himself a business partner with Kamena's father in the very same office building that Kamena used to qualify himself for office. (Whose interest was the LARPD lawyer really protecting?)

The Times expose also revealed that a Kamena crony on the LARPD Board was himself in office illegally when he cast the deciding "swing" vote in favor of Kamena's appointment.

Should someone who "stole" his first political office with the help of family cronies now be entrusted to write laws affecting 38 million Californians?

Posted by Oxymo Ron, a resident of another community
on May 23, 2008 at 7:12 am

Dear Editor,

If the candidates had to press their cases, can you explain how they got wrinkled in the first place?

Expiring minds want to know,