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Perspective - November 30, 2007

Letters to the editor

Attacks on Monte Vista

Dear Editor:

I have a problem with the Nov. 16 story, "Bragging rights." The person who wrote this is obviously a sore loser fan of San Ramon Valley. Stories like this should be told as a neutral bystander simply telling the story as it really was.

Here are a few quotes: "Some Mustang fans continued yelling, "Wolves *#@!" as they drove away on Hartz Avenue." And "However, there were few friendly moments between the two schools after the game's end. Mustang fans gloated after their team's victory and sang: 'Nah, nah, nah, nah ... nah, nah, nah, nah ... yea, yea, yea ... say good-bye!'" Also, "Cheerleaders wearing black lined up together on the football field, waved their pom poms, and chanted 'Go Monte Vista' in front of Wolves fans."

These are simply attacks to the Monte Vista student body, trying to make us look like jerks. One more thing, this was a football game, right? There were maybe three short paragraphs that actually talked about the game and the most important part of the event, the players.

I'm a member of the Monte Vista varsity football team, and I think that whoever wrote this should stop wasting paper talking about how "bad" Monte Vista students are and focus on the players and how much hard work and preparation they put into this season. I know that it must be frustrating that you couldn't keep that trophy for one more year, and that it must stink that MV ended your first perfect season since the mid '60s, but take care of those issues with yourself, and not in the paper.

Mike Gailey, Monte Vista High School

Mona Lisa memories

Dear Editor:

I am trying to find the name of the artist and any pictures of the Mona Lisa made of wildflowers that was once on the Alamo hillside. Does anyone out there have any information about the person who did it? Someone said his name was "Will," either Ashley or Ashton.

Philip Hellston, Danville

Editor's note: We're also interested. Please e-mail information to Editor@DanvilleWeekly.com or telephone 837-8300, ext. 29.

The Christmas season

Dear Editor:

Right above the publisher's comments on there being two sides to every story is the editorial for the Nov. 23 issue of the Danville Weekly, "'The Season' Arrives." Where are the two sides to this story? The "season" you talk about is Christmas, but you break a cardinal rule of composition: redundancy. "Holiday" is used five times. "Christmas" is used only once and that because you were forced to - the title of the Museum of the San Ramon Valley's special exhibit is "Christmas Memories." Hurrah for the Museum for having the courage to buck the anti-Christmas trend in publishing.

This is the Christmas season, for Pete's sake!

Joan Hamblin, Danville

Running Alamo

Dear Editor:

Alamo residents, you have only seen the precursor of a true election campaign deluge and those preparing to "run" our Alamo. Many more "fundraiser" pamphlets, phone calls, solicitations, donations, etc., will take place "if" the funds (25K) are raised for LAFCO presentation. Then another round of the same to raise 250K-plus for the feasibility study which would either end with a yes or no approval for cityhood. Then an actual election if the state says yes.

It is my understanding anyone can donate to these causes whether they have Alamo's best interest or other potential reasons in mind.

If I were the type and interested in a city job, I would use signs, pamphlets, meetings, etc., to stir up controversy now so I could hone my skills on answers, spins, possibilities, side steps, misleading information, etc., "if" the time comes for a vote on cityhood and its city management and planning commission.

The Brown Act is no guarantee of catching me if I did it secretly enough. Influence pedaling very often is hard to spot or prove. The same as personal preference or feelings versus what is best for all.

One thing I will tell everyone, your taxes cannot be raised without a vote. However, I've been told by different city residents how their yearly costs to the city have risen thousands of dollars. I won't tell you at this time how it's done, as I may change my mind and run for office "if."

Is Alamo a great place or what???

Jim Kading, Alamo


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Posted by Verne South
a resident of another community
on Nov 30, 2007 at 8:21 am

Dear Editor,

These letters are a diverse collection of good, even humorous, commentary.

-1- Monte Vista students bear the reaction of the communities to the SPIN of the district, administration and parents in the media. Congratualtions to MVHS 'Stangs football team for being able to focus among such nonsense. But remember you got the parking lot!

-2- Christmas, as a holiday, is important to Christians and only a minority in our communities, and for that matter our nation, are devoted Christians. Most see the season as the turning back toward Spring as is celebrated in the Nordic countries.

-3- Jim Kading remarked on Alamo's growing cost of services and eluded to how any new city will pay exceptional costs for such county-contracted services as the county tries to pay for retirement of its employees with less tax income from the impact of the housing downturn. We are not being told the truth by incorporation proponents or their political supporters. Oh, Jim, we hope that is not your real name because you are going to be defamed by incorporation proponents and their political sponsors.

Editor, each is a story to be told,


Posted as a courtesy of the Alamo neighborhoods forum