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Newsfront - January 4, 2008

Alamo Chevron reopens

Improvement Association worked on new design for gas station

by Natalie O'Neill

Last week's reopening of a completely remodeled Alamo Chevron is expected to help business in and around Alamo Plaza flourish, say members of Alamo Improvement Association and Chevron officials.

The gas station on the west side of Danville Boulevard near Stone Valley Road was completely torn down and rebuilt, starting in late July in order to upgrade 30-year-old fuel pumps, expand the convenience store, and construct a new configuration to encourage efficiency.

Gas pumps were up and running early last week without a formal grand opening. Alamo drivers noticed the new station open upon returning back to work after the holiday and arriving home from out of town.

"I was surprised to see they were pumping gas," said Preston Taylor of Alamo Improvement Association, which worked with Chevron on the approval process of the new design.

He said he thinks the opening will be good for business in Alamo.

"It's nice to have everything in Alamo open. When businesses are closed or under construction it's not good," he said.

Chevron spokesman Juan Garcia said, in general, when Chevron opens expanded convenience stores, existing surrounding shops benefit.

"They work off one another. By adding a convenience store, business does pick up a little more. It does generate more traffic," he said.

With the possibility of cityhood lingering, some residents are hoping for a stronger business district in Alamo. According to Alamo Incorporation Movement, property taxes would finance 35 percent of sustaining the town or city, and sales taxes would finance 11 percent.

Garcia said he couldn't be sure if or when there would be a grand opening for the location since Chevron staff in charge of the project was away on holiday vacation.

But store employees said they heard talk of a grand opening celebration and expected it to be about a month down the line.

Plans for the remodeling originally showed the gas station on a diagonal slant to Danville Boulevard. Alamo Improvement Association then advised Chevron to design a perpendicular building, noting that the diagonal positioning would expose the unattractive sides of existing buildings.