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Perspective - January 4, 2008


asked in downtown Danville

Which sex do you think has it easier in our culture?

Men have it easier. Women feel like they have to be everything - that they have to go to college, have a career and be a mother. Men don't have all those expectations.

Mark Vandenberghe

real estate developer

I think men have it easer because they are in a position of power. I guess I feel like they are given more respect. Even in school there are more male professors and people with Ph.D.s.

Jenna Galvez


Men. There's less pressure on them for what you're supposed to look and act like.

Mike Eng


Men have it easier. It's not as hard for them to get a job and make more money. I think we're still kind of a subtly sexist society. But better than some countries.

Kim Hertz


Women because they are capable of controlling men - unless they're a gay man.

Chris Swallow