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Newsfront - January 11, 2008

Amber Bistro buys Basil Leaf Cafe

The owners of Danville's Amber Bistro, which is known for its California and Southeast Asian cuisines, purchased Basil Leaf Café, which is right across the street, in December.

The Basil Leaf ownership was selling its restaurant and Amber was eager to purchase the popular Danville Italian café, said Dawn Janssen, who is co-owner of Amber Bistro with her husband Eric. Both Amber Bistro and Basil Leaf are on Hartz Avenue.

"We love it," said Janssen. "We wanted to continue to keep it being a cornerstone of Danville dining. We wanted to keep it in the family."

She said they will not change Basil Leaf much. They will consider making improvements and are thinking of adding pizza to Basil Leaf's menu.

"We wanted to keep things as they are," she said. "It's a successful restaurant. We want to capitalize on that. We want to make sure the regulars are happy."