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Perspective - January 11, 2008

Letters to the editor

Sailing memories

Dear Editor:

Your article "Passage to New Zealand" really struck a cord with me. I enjoyed reading about the challenges and bravery of Andre Lay and his trip to New Zealand. And, it reminded me of my own youth and personal need to continuously explore.

When I was age 20, I also took a nine-month trip on the high seas traveling from Redwood City down the Pacific Coast, through the Panama Canal, and into the Caribbean with my college soccer coach who was on a sabbatical and had purchased a 66-foot twin diesel for the trip. In Panama, I then changed crew onto a small 28-foot sailboat to learn how to sail and came back up to Cabo San Lucas in Baja and then sailed over to Hawaii - a 24-1/2 day sail. I was so eager to get off, I rented a bike in Lahina and rode it all the way to the Seven Sacred Pools past Hana where I would someday propose to my wife.

Like Andre, I have many similar memories including being hit by lightning, traveling through hurricane winds, loss of engines, sharks, killer whales, navigating by stars and sun (the days before GPS), and learning to live with strangers in a very small confined space. I am sure that Andre will remember this trip as vividly as I still remember mine 34 years later. I hope he also has lots of pictures as what few I still have (before the digital age) I treasure.

Greg Fish, Danville