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Newsfront - January 18, 2008

Goodbye to a lovely little park

Construction equipment was busy at work this week demolishing the popular mini-park adjacent to Bridges that was a gift to the community by its founder, Kazuo Sugitani 20 years ago. He came to love Danville when his son Ryota Sugitani studied at Athenian School in 1985, and built the restaurant and the park. Ryota Sugitani, who lives in Oregon, now runs the business and is going to build a one-story retail outlet on the quarter-acre parcel.

Sugitani told the Planning Commission last summer that he wanted to develop his property because he was paying high taxes on it. He also noted he wanted to be part of Danville's vision to have the downtown filled with small local businesses. His proposal keeps a pedestrian-friendly design, including landscaping and seating on the corner of Hartz Avenue and Church Street.


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