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Perspective - January 18, 2008


Asked at Alamo Plaza

What would you like to change about the way you were raised?

My parents were very protective of me. I wish I would have had more chance to travel, during the years after high school. They were over-protective, afraid something would happen to me. I'm going to the other extreme for my kids.

Anusha Massoumi


I would have my mom or dad coordinate their work time better so we could all have been together more. My dad was always working, even on weekends. He was a rabbi. My mother managed a medical office.

Robyn Valdivia

speech pathologist

I wouldn't change a thing. I was raised in Los Angeles; my dad was a cop and my mom was a homemaker. We can always go back and say they should have done this or they should have done that. But don't go there.

John MacMillan


I would have my parents place more value on education. I was raised in Toronto, Canada, and they were immigrants from Russia so to them the most important things were healthy meals and nurturing. Education for girls, according to my parents, was getting married and having children.

Sharon Book

over 55 aerobicist

It would be great if parents would consider all the dimensions of their children's well-being, especially the emotional dimensions. Parents need to be aware of the source of their children's behavior and understand what they are experiencing. I was raised in Iran and my father was a physician so he was trained to be aware.

Laleh Shahidi

former medical informatics professor at UCSF