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Newsfront - January 25, 2008

Camino Tassajara left-turn lane being expanded

Lane expansion will help church traffic at Sherburne Hills

by Jordan M. Doronila

A new left-turn lane from Camino Tassajara onto Sherburne Hills Road will keep traffic flowing smoothly to the Danville post office and to the East Bay Fellowship.

Danville plans to lengthen the eastbound left-hand pocket turn from Camino Tassajara in a project designed to keep its through lanes running efficiently and to make sure cars stopping to turn left don't create accidents.

"We want to free up capacity on Camino Tassajara on the through lanes," said Tai Williams, transportation services director.

She noted that peak traffic hours occur on the weekend during church service hours on Saturday and Sunday when cars might struggle to get into the left-turn lane.

The left-turn lane is currently 150 feet and one lane; the project will expand it by 120 feet to 270 feet. The project will cost the town $90,000, said Andy Dillard, town traffic engineering assistant.

It was included in the Capital Improvement Program in June 2005 and is expected to be completed by the spring, said Dillard. The town decided to include the turn's expansion after observing the traffic congestion during peak hours.

Williams said the town is fortunate to be able to reconfigure Camino Tassajara to improve the left-hand turn.

"We won't always be able to do that," said Williams. "It depends on the availability of space."