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Newsfront - January 25, 2008

Danville designing a tranquil spot downtown

Mini-park with fountain to enhance corner at Railroad and Linda Mesa avenues

by Natalie O'Neill

As the peaceful garden in front of Bridges restaurant on Hartz Avenue vanishes, another respite spot downtown is in the works.

The town is planning for a 2,500-square-foot mini-park at the southeast corner of Linda Mesa and Railroad avenues. It will feature benches, a water fountain for aesthetics, landscaping and an information kiosk.

"It's going to be a cute little park. You can sit and talk to friends. It's a nice way to encourage people to be downtown," said Mayor Candace Andersen.

It is now in the design phase and could be completed by the end of the year at the earliest, she said.

The area will be called Railroad Plaza and is expected to cost Danville about $200,000, said Bob Russell, landscape architect for the town. He called the area a "decorative concrete plaza."

Andersen said designing Railroad Plaza is unrelated to the fact that the mini-park in front of Bridges is being turned into a one-story retail outlet. Construction crews began demolishing that small park last week.

But Andersen added the common thread is that Town Council likes to have "nice public spaces" to encourage people to visit, relax and enjoy downtown.

"It's fortuitous," she said.

The Bridges garden was a gift to Danville by its founder, Kazuo Sugitani 20 years ago. The current owner, Ryota Sugitani, told the Planning Commission he chose to develop the parcel because he was paying high taxes on the property.

Railroad Plaza will be located on the northwest corner of the Clock Tower Plaza parking lot and is now just a flat rectangular dirt area, near the bus stop, catty-cornered to Trader Joe's.

"It's a great thing for beautification," Andersen said.