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- January 25, 2008

Get the skinny: How to keep your dietary New Year's resolutions

Is your No. 1 New Year's resolution to lose weight? Here's the skinny; year after year Americans rank weight loss, a healthier diet and improving their physical fitness high on the list but find these goals difficult to maintain.

Bob Greene, author of "The Best Life Diet," has these tips to help you keep your resolution.

As with any goals, set your sights on something you can achieve. Fad diets like juice fasts and "no white foods" can be hard to maintain because they require extreme dietary changes. By instituting a diet and exercise routine that fits with your lifestyle, you'll be more likely to shed unwanted pounds and keep them off year round.

Here are changes you can make to achieve your goals:

* Choose quality, not quantity - Sample only your favorite dishes instead of heaping everything on your plate at get-togethers. Select bite-sized goodies so you get a variety, but don't miss out on what you love.

* Don't skip meals - Eliminating a meal may seem like a great way to cut some calories, but feeling famished at the beginning of a feast will make you think you're justified to overeat. Having dinner with friends? Have a little protein before you head out so you are less inclined to overdo it.

* Work in a workout - If you ride the subway or take the bus to work, get off a stop or two early and walk for some extra exercise. Instead of waiting for the elevator, take the stairs to your floor and make time every hour to move around.

* Reward yourself - Moderation is key, which is why you can allow a day of indulgence here and there without forgetting your normal routine.

"I believe that the most successful diets are those that allow you to eat the foods you like in moderation," says Bob Greene. "You don't have to give up dessert if you make smart choices. The Skinny Cow ice cream snacks are a great low calorie, low-fat alternative. I've found that a little reward can go a long way to build motivation.

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