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Perspective - January 25, 2008

Letters to the editor

Weber property does major drainage

Dear Editor:

We read your article regarding the flooding in Danville and the concerns of Mayor Candace Andersen and Town of Danville engineer Steve Lake.

The Municipal Code in most towns and cities in California addresses how to prevent certain situations that will contribute to flooding within the municipality. This includes Danville. Unfortunately, even though the Municipal Code of Danville provides for the means to prevent these situations from occurring, the town has chosen to ignore its own Municipal Code in the development of the Weber Property.

The Municipal Code 31-25.7 of Danville states, "Drainage facilities directly affecting the subdivision shall have the following minimum capacities: "Major drainage channels and conduits shall have sufficient capacity to contain a fifty (50) year frequency of average recurrence interval runoff."

Letters and e-mails from Contra Costa County Flood Control state that the watershed below the Weber and O'Brien property is a "major drainage channel within a major watershed," and that "studies indicate that properties along GVC are subject to flooding during a 25-year event."

Once these developments have been built, there can be no going back. The downstream properties will be at risk year after year, and the town may find itself at the risk of additional expensive litigation for no reason other than its unwillingness to comply with its own Municipal Code.

Pat Isom, Kristen Trisko, Debbie Simpson

Citizens for Civic Accountability