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Perspective - January 25, 2008


asked in Danville Square

What do you think is the biggest misconception people have about teenagers?

That teenagers are up on the gossip and want to be Britney Spears. Well, before she lost it. I don't want to be any of those celebrities. I'd rather be who I am now.

Olivia Miyashiro

employee of Round Table Pizza

Teenagers aren't lazy. Now, I mean, teenagers with all this technology - they can't be lazy. They are listening to their iPod, doing their homework, talking on the phone and texting. People say we're a more distracted culture - well, duh! We don't have time to be lazy.

Elliott Perrings

student at Diablo Valley College

I think it's that people think we're always selfish all the time. We actually do think about other people. I care for my parents and stuff. And my siblings. I don't always do selfish things.

Trevor Ryan


A lot of times they see us as people who goof off and don't care. I agree it does seem like that a lot of the time. But we do care. Maybe what's important to (us) isn't important to the people who are judging (us). The people we know are the most important thing. The impression you make on people is what's gonna last.

Brandon McKinney

student and guitarist

That we suck at driving, when we're really good because they let us drive to school. We're better at driving than old people. We're more responsible than some people. Like middle-schoolers and elementary school kids. And like people in jail.

Kevin Porta