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Perspective - February 1, 2008

Letters to the editor

Kiosks ruin tranquility

Dear Editor:

I'm happy to hear about the new park being considered for downtown Danville although due to the location I'm not too sure how much use it will get.

However if designing a "tranquil spot" in the downtown area is the main objective, then why not get rid of (or move) the "Informational Kiosk" that was placed in the Starbuck's plaza? This has been an eyesore for those of us that use the area since it was introduced.

The reason given at the time was that it was to alert visitors to our little hamlet of the locations of restaurants and of current events in and around our town. Unfortunately the Town Council members' decision catered to visitors but to the consternation of we the citizens who use this area for the exact reasons being given for the new park: "a place to gather, visit and talk with friends." The atmosphere on that corner was ruined almost overnight!

A much better location for this kiosk would be on the corner of Prospect and Railroad, where the very visitors who need this information usually park.

Chuck Knowlton, Danville

Keeping informed

Dear Editor:

In your column (Jan. 25) on Muir Hospital slash Health System slash Henshaw, you wrote that your husband "staunched the gushing red blood," when in fact, he stanched the flow of blood while being a staunch supporter of Muir's ER services.

I also really enjoyed the piece on Joe Christianson - his photos are spectacular and you should be congratulated on "discovering" him and publishing these excellent photos. He is obviously hugely talented, has a great eye for composition, and is a fine photographer at a young age. Big future for him.

Thanks for keeping us all informed about our community.

David Ogden, Walnut Creek

Historic touches

Dear Editor:

Regarding the Prospector's Square building in last week's paper, two historical elements are included in the building (which demolished the 1950s post office). One is the mail slot on the west end and another is the concrete American eagle placed high on the west end.

A nice touch, I thought.

Beverly Lane, Curator, Museum of the San Ramon Valley