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Perspective - February 8, 2008


Asked at Peet's Coffee in Danville

Which presidential candidate would you choose to be stuck with in an elevator?

It would be Barack Obama. He's by far the most interesting and most pertinent. Before he dropped out, Kucinich - there are so many things wrong in the country and in the world that need to be addressed at fundamental levels.

Gregory Cornia


Kucinich. He'd be an interesting guy to talk to. He has a lot of the right ideas but he's too independent to be elected.

Jim Buhl


I'm undecided who to vote for but in an elevator I'd go with Hillary. I think she's an interesting person - I've been following her since Clinton was president. It would be fun being stuck and talking to her.

Cathy Smith


I'm visiting from England but I would choose Barack Obama. He'd be better than what we've got now. And I'm sure I'd like conversing with him better than Hillary or McCain.

John Backshall


Ron Paul. I'd talk to him about getting rid of the Federal Reserve because it's bankrupting our country. I could talk to him about that for hours.

Chris Swallow