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Perspective - February 15, 2008

Letters to the editor

Alamo must take care of its own safety

Dear Editor:

Regarding the Feb. 3 article about Tonya York's accident: What a fortunate outcome for her and her family! We in Alamo must thank her for her effort to improve Alamo's traffic problems.

If LAFCO (Local Agency Formation Commission) had allowed Alamo to incorporate a few years ago, Alamo's traffic problems would have been dealt with in Alamo. Each time a new county supervisor represents Alamo, the new supervisor meets with the community to work out Alamo's Danville Boulevard traffic problems, the residents living east of Danville Boulevard plead for help to cross the street, and another study is ordered.

Alamo is a community of 16,000 people in a county of 1,025,000 people. Our current supervisor listens, but she has a hugely growing constituency in east Contra Costa with urgent demands on the county. Alamo needs to work out its own solution as an incorporated town. It is time for Alamo to recognize that it is a unique community that has to take care of itself.

Margaret Elliott, Alamo

Proposing a 'bypass'

Dear Editor:

Last week's editorial on "Accidents waiting to happen," said it is too late for the option of having "Danville Boulevard go around the shopping areas rather than smack dab through the middle." But is it really too late?

Most of us have driven up Broadway from Rudgear Road to Newell in Walnut Creek. But do we all know what is beneath that roadway? Well, it's the creek.

The Corps of Engineers designed a way to put the road over the creek. Why couldn't the same thing be done to bypass Alamo from Livorna to a location south of Alamo? Why not something to coincide with the new YMCA access? (It has very undesirable access from the Danville Boulevard.) Why not solve two problems with one solution?

Dave Christensen, 46-year Alamo resident


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