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Newsfront - February 15, 2008

San Ramon eyes Tassajara Valley

City wants 4,900 rural acres under its sphere of influence

by Dolores Fox Ciardelli

The Danville Town Council expressed concern at its study session Tuesday morning that San Ramon wants to include the Tassajara Valley in its sphere of influence.

"I'm bothered that they did not even let us know they're thinking of doing this," said Councilman Mike Shimansky.

The sphere of influence is usually determined by the most logical service area for unincorporated areas, said Danville Town Manager Joe Calabrigo. But since San Ramon is near buildout, it would be an opportunity to absorb projected growth. Tassajara Valley is currently under the county's sphere of influence.

Mayor Candace Andersen said she is concerned because San Ramon is ready to go with its Eastside Specific Plan.

"If there is development on our eastern boundary, we want a say in it," said Andersen.

San Ramon issued a study on the sphere of influence amendment to include the 4,900-acre Tassajara Valley that stated a 20-day public review period was Feb. 4-25. Calabrigo said he heard about the proposal from a Danville resident Feb. 8.

Councilwoman Karen Stepper noted that the study said inclusion of the Tassajara Valley in the San Ramon planning area could improve the city's jobs/housing balance.

"I think we need to sit down and talk to them," she said.

The new sphere of influence would include the area where the 193-unit New Farm development is proposed. In July, county supervisors voted to allow a study of the New Farm plan even though it was outside the urban limit line just passed by voters the previous November to protect Tassajara Valley from development until 2026.

"This is major," said Councilman Newell Arnerich, adding that it has been the goal of some staff members in San Ramon for some time.

The Town Council members directed Calabrigo to set up a meeting between them and their counterparts in San Ramon to discuss the issue.


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