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Perspective - February 15, 2008


Asked at the Danville Library and around town

The Berkeley City Council has asked Marine recruiters to leave the city. What do you think of its stand?

I'm against the Iraq war. But this is irresponsible. I hope they're taught a lesson. If people want to join the Marines they should be able to.

Don Vorous

retired manager

If I had business in Berkeley, I would never go there again. It's over the top. The place is just unreal. I admit we're more middle of the road here, more conservative. I have no problem with a stand on the war. But to pick on people who protect your way of life - it's insane. I'm conservative, but I'm the kind of guy who would look at the Obamas.

Jonathan Dirvianskis


I really support what they are doing. Young people don't know much of the world. They are misusing their enthusiasm for the country. It's marketing. They come back with their lives shattered, some without hands. There are 200,000 homeless veterans in this country.

Deb Pal


They have a right to be there just like everybody else. It's a noble thing to do. For all of the other things going on in the city, how can they get rid of that?

Leo Shubin


I can see both sides. A lot of people say they are predatory on low income, less educated people. But at the same time, we need more troops to replace the ones that are over there. They can't do all the fighting themselves. There might be people who want to fight.

Whitney Kirkendall

recent college graduate


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