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Community Pulse - February 15, 2008

Woman arrested on bank card theft

A 19-year-old Florida woman was arrested last Friday for attempting to get $5,000 in cash from Washington Mutual Bank at 661 San Ramon Valley Blvd., using a fraudulently obtained bank card.

"She somehow got her name added to a legitimate cardholder's account. How that occurred - we're still looking into it," said Lt. Mark Williams of the Danville police. "The people that are involved in this kind of criminal activity are always coming up with new ways."

The woman, Jerrica Marshall, of Tampa, Fla., was arrested for commercial burglary, theft of the access card and identity theft. She was booked at the Martinez Detention Facility.

After questioning Marshall, police learned this wasn't the first time she had committed the crime.

"She had done the same thing at other banks throughout the Bay Area, and was successful at obtaining cash from those other banks," said Williams.

Williams did not know which other banks were targeted, or how much money Marshall received from them.

To avoid identity theft, Williams recommended that people periodically check their credit card reports, refrain from giving out sensitive personal information over the phone, and shred any mail or paper records that contain such information.

--Meghan Neal