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Perspective - February 22, 2008


Asked at Peet's Coffee & Tea and around town

Do the social or political values of a company influence your buying decisions?

Yes they do, if I'm aware of it. I don't have a lot of time to research everything. I will boycott companies that don't treat the employees right.

Gretchen Scheid


Oh, hell yeah. Whether or not they give back charity to the community, if they're doing something for a good cause, and they don't just want your money.

Jesse Devine

barista, makeup artist, photographer

Not always, but I try. I think it's important but I don't know if I always practice what I preach. I think most people would be pulling your leg if they told you that.

Craig Camberg

district manager

Yes. I'm definitely a big supporter of the green industry. When I go out, go shopping, I'm definitely a huge anti-chain, big-box person. No Wal-Mart.

Chris Rodriguez

bike shop owner

Yes - I may not agree with their business tactics. It's all about how they do business.

Mark Nelson

drywall company owner


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