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Sports - February 29, 2008

Blasting through the championship

Mother Nature showed no mercy Saturday afternoon at the California State Cup Championship game between the U-13 Mustang Blast girls and the U-13 CV Chilipepper's girls. Amid buckets of rain and swirling winds, both teams pushed for possession of the ball, with the Mustang girls prevailing with a final score of 4-0, an exciting finish to a season of 64 games. The girls move on to Hawaii to represent Northern California at the Regional Competition.

"They will carry not only their dreams to this event, but the dreams of their soccer peers, friends, family and community," said Rebecca Rader, publicity.

Team members are Coach Rob Vandevanter, Coach Pat Uriz, Coach Lance Feldman, Stephanie Amack, Hannah Koski, Morgan Idso, Amy Harioka, Alyssa Alarab, Shelby Cota, Rachel Hamilton, Lynsey Hromatko, Kimberly Low, Coach Doug Norvelle, Katie Tao, Reilly Parker, Serena Lee, Bethoney Ritter, Rachel Feldman, Katelyn Rader, Alexa Vandevanter and Kerianne Hunt.


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