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Newsfront - February 29, 2008

Downtown high school to get more parking

New three-story building will free up room at San Ramon Valley High

Trustees recently approved San Ramon Valley High School's updated master plan, which includes adding 155 parking spaces on campus.

"It should alleviate some stress downtown," said Trustee Greg Marvel. "We are not annexing land. We are reconfiguring some of the space on campus and squeezing in more parking."

There are currently 388 parking spaces on the school grounds, and 155 parking spaces will added, making the total number 543, said officials from the San Ramon Valley Unified School District. Residents and pedestrians have complained in the past that student parking has taken too much space on Danville Boulevard.

The new parking spaces are part of the school's updated master plan, which includes finding a location for the new career-technology facility, erecting a three-story building, and replacing the old large gymnasium. The master plan is funded by Measure A money.

The three-story building will give the school more room.

"It will free up more space for parking space," said Rich Lowell, district director of facilities. "This plan is contingent on the plan of replacing the older classrooms with the three-story building."

The district needs to find more funding to complete San Ramon Valley High's entire master plan, but nonetheless it will move forward in adding 83 parking spaces and completing some of the plan's projects.

Lowell speculated that another bond measure may finance the district's modernization goals. District spokesman Terry Koehne noted that state funds may help with costs.

Lowell said the district revisits master plan sites every five years to see if they are up to date, and school officials looked at San Ramon's master plan last year.

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