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Newsfront - February 29, 2008

Make the French connection

A group of 40 French students is arriving in Danville from Beziers in the south of France to stay April 11-23. They are coming with teachers who will be responsible for the group.

Students, ages 14 to 18, are looking for Danville area families to host them. They prefer the families have members in high school although stays with families with younger children have also worked out nicely in the past.

This is the sixth year for the group's visit and many families volunteer again the following year. It is possible to talk to them about the experience. Organizers say one aim of hosting a student is to make a connection for an affordable visit to France to let the hospitality be reciprocated.

For more information, call Kevin Dimler at 820-4309 or e-mail The French teacher can also be contacted for more information: Mme. Martine Causse at