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Newsfront - February 29, 2008

Rakestraw announces Barbara Walters is coming

Television news anchor icon Barbara Walters will be appearing at Rakestraw Books on Friday, May 16, to discuss her new memoir, "Audition."

In "Audition," Walters shares the story of her life and 40-year career as a television journalist. Often referred to as "the first lady of broadcast journalism," Walters was the first female network news anchor and program co-host, the star of 20/20, creator of The View, and host of The Barbara Walters Specials.

"As a media celebrity certainly she's a legend," said Rakestraw owner Michael Barnard. "She's a major figure in American media history. She's a groundbreaking figure as a journalist."

The book signing is scheduled for 6 p.m. Details are subject to change; call the store at 837-7337 for more information.

The following day, actor Henry Winkler - best known as "the Fonz" from Happy Days - will be at Rakestraw promoting his new series of children's books.

Rakestraw Books is located at 409 Railroad Ave. in Danville.

--Meghan Neal