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Perspective - February 29, 2008


Asked in downtown Danville

What's your favorite thing to do in a storm?

Stay home - stay warm - stay safe. And with a storm you've got to have a good wine, or cocktail. As a paramedic, I've stomped around in too many storms, so I just want to stay home, stay warm - and stay safe.

Mike Jacobs


Read. I don't like the rain or storms. If I can sit and read, I'm fine. I'll definitely stay in the house.

Susan Woodin

retired school counselor

Probably watch movies, rent a movie. Microwave some popcorn, have soft drinks. For my wife and I and our daughter it's a good bonding time. My daughter's 9 so we pick a movie that's G-rated - nothing too scary.

Jay Magstadt

construction management

I like to stay home and bake. I like to stay dry. I'll make cookies, maybe a pound cake.

Gina Chen


In a storm, my kids (ages 4 and 7) and I like to bring blankets into the family room and make a fort. We pretend we're camping.

Michele Beck

Stay-at-home-mom, PTA treasurer


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