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Perspective - March 7, 2008


Asked around Danville

What did you get in trouble for when you were a kid?

I had a flask senior year of high school. I was on the golf team and I'd store it in my golf bag. I kept it in my car. This time it was Rumplemintz. My mom went in my trunk and it had spilled all over. She said, "Your whole car smells like mint!" I used to keep alcohol stored all over.

Matt Wolf

library assistant

I was 5 years old in Walnut Creek. I followed a bunch of teenagers on my bike. We were carving our names in the dirt on the hillside and my mom drove by. She was shopping. I was in big trouble.

Rhonda Oliva

Red Cross employee

I didn't want to get my fingernails cut, so I threw a fit. My parents had to pin me down to cut them.

Shawn Stange

calibration technician

I pierced my ear at band camp and almost got kicked out. It was a medical liability. I never went back. Obviously, I have a bunch of piercings now.

Jon Burklund


I strolled out to see the sites when I was 3 years old and my mom couldn't find me. We lived by the train tracks and some shops. I think I decided I was gonna get a doughnut from the doughnut shop. A chocolate cake doughnut with frosting.

Mike Nevin

manufacturing company owner