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Perspective - March 14, 2008


Asked at Yellow Wood Coffee & Tea in Alamo

Who would play you in a movie?

In my youth everyone would tell me I look like Doris Day ... Maybe Meryl Streep because she can play everybody. She's such a chameleon.

Mary Jo Painter

semi-retired real estate developer

You know, people tell me I look like Tom Cruise. Just kidding. Arnold Schwarzenegger, 'cause I'm just yoked (buff).

Andrew Bonner

food service

Robert Downey Jr. He's a little neurotic. He seems to be on a good path now. He's just wily - so that makes for a good fit.

Chris Jenks


I guess Vince Vaughn would have to play me. Because I'm just like him in the movie "Swingers." I'm just fancy free. I'll say anything on my mind.

Dan Grunau


Vivian Leigh. I think she's a very passionate actress. She's passionate and complicated and talented.

Nancy Schultz

stay at home "domestic goddess" (mom)


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