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Perspective - March 21, 2008


Asked around downtown Danville

How much does a politician's personal life affect whether you vote for him/her?

I don't vote. But it shouldn't affect you at all. You should mind your own business.

Tommy Butters


I really feel like if there wasn't a TV in every living room, no one would care. Nobody cared that Jefferson had sex with his slaves or that JFK had sex with Marilyn Monroe. It's a shame our country is addicted to gossip.


recent graduate of University of Southern California

It doesn't affect the way they run the country. You gotta separate personal life from business life.

Darrin Delcarlo

account manager

It depends on what type of political position they are in. I may not have respect for the guy, but if he gets his job done right it doesn't matter if his wife thinks he's a bastard.

Ian Johnson


I liked Bill Clinton. And I don't think (New York Gov. Eliot) Spitzer should have resigned. You have to walk in someone's shoes. Maybe his wife wasn't affectionate.

Kelly Soto

construction worker


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