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Perspective - March 28, 2008

Letters to the editor

Changes in policing

Dear Editor:

If anyone is qualified to rebut Mr. Fredricks (Letters, March 21) about the Danville police volunteers, it is me. I have lived in Danville for 50 years, and am a retired Contra Costa County Sheriff's sergeant who worked in Danville before incorporation and later when Danville formed its own department. We had no volunteer organization, but we certainly had a need for one.

I live two blocks from the Police Department on a quiet street and have been the victim of four thefts from my driveway during the last four years. My garage was entered at 8 p.m. on a weeknight while my wife was momentarily in the house and property was taken from her car. A suspect arrested by Walnut Creek police was in possession of my wife's cell phone. This individual was from east Contra Costa County and had a criminal history for burglary.

Obviously the word is out with the criminal community that there is attractive property available for the taking. The March 21 story "Cops talk to Greenbrook neighbors" could have been in an issue of the 1978 Valley Pioneer, which was the equivalent of the Danville Weekly. In those days these thefts were usually done by local kids who were bored, not the case anymore.

Mr. Fredricks' statement about using "the Scouts" for parade duty would be excellent; however, with the civil liability issues today, we would still need volunteer adults to supervise.

In closing, regarding the remark that Alamo should be careful what they wish for with incorporation, we went through the same criticism during Danville's incorporation. Local control and decision making has turned Danville into the "gem" it is today. Alamo is a very nice little community, but it can become even nicer with more local control.

Tim MacHugh, Danville